Safety In Bhutan

Bhutan has a very low crime rate, and it is unusual to see violence or resistance to the government; as a result, the political environment is also fairly calm. Bhutan is a highly safe country for female tourists as well because of how friendly and helpful the locals are. In Bhutan, crime is incredibly rare and the rate is incredibly low. Being robbed or mugged, as well as other major crimes like terrorism, street collisions involving moving vehicles, and other violent crimes, are hardly ever reported in the nation. There are no aggressive tourist traps, nosy shopkeepers, or commercialized tourist attractions here. In addition, there aren't any panhandlers in the entire nation.

It is extremely unlikely that foreign tourists visiting Bhutan will run into any criminal activity. In the nation, violent crime is extremely uncommon, although certain instances of minor offenses are rarely reported. Despite the limited number of drug-related offenses, drug trafficking prosecutions remain seldom in the nation. It is against the law to consume or sell cannabis, and doing so could result in you serving time in jail and paying significant fines.

The likelihood of tourists becoming involved in terrorist commotions is small or nearly nonexistent in Bhutan, where light incidents occasionally occur along its borders with China and India. Bhutan's security is only really endangered by the terrorism of various insurgent organizations from India that have set up camp there without authorization. In the past, kidnappings from localities close to the border have been documented. Most tour companies don't design itineraries that take tourists to Bhutan's rural regions, especially in locations where violent incidents have occurred in the past.

There are very few traffic accidents in Bhutan since it is the only country in the world without traffic lights. The country's efficient transportation system is another factor. However, due to its geographical location, Bhutan experiences more traffic accidents. There are many dangerous hairpins bends on the highways since they have been built on high passes and mountain tops. Landslides may create road closures during the rainy season, making driving risky.