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    Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter tour

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    At a Glance

    • Destination
    • Duration
      09 days
    • Trip Difficulty
      Easy Tour
    • Activities
      City Tour Only
    • Accommodation
      5 star Luxury Hotels
    • Meals
      Bed and Breakfast Plan (BB Plan)
    • Mx.altitude
    • Vehicle
      Private Luxury Tourist Vehicles and Aeroplane
    • Max. People
    • Single Supplement
    Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter tourMap
    • StartsKathmandu, Nepal
    • EndsKathmandu, Nepal

    About - Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter tour

    Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. invites you on a journey of a lifetime with our Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour. Dive deep into the cultural heartbeats of Nepal, embracing the mesmerizing vistas of the Kathmandu Valley, the dense jungles of Chitwan, and the serene beauty of Pokhara. But the crown jewel of this journey is the exhilarating helicopter tour, whisking you above verdant landscapes, winding rivers, and towering peaks, culminating in a surreal landing at the base of the majestic Mount Everest. Our meticulously crafted tour is a harmonious blend of Nepal's rich cultural tapestry, its unparalleled natural beauty, and the sheer thrill of beholding the world's tallest peak up close. Embark on this luxurious adventure and create memories that echo for a lifetime.

    Cost Details:

    Standard Option - 3 Star: USD 2,199 per person

    Deluxe Option - 4 Star: USD 2,499 per person

    Luxury Option - 5 Star: USD 2,999 per person

    Premium Option - 5 Star: USD 3,999 per person

    Luxury Holidays Nepal stands unparalleled as the premier choice for experiencing the Luxury Nepal Tour with the Everest Landing Helicopter Tour. With an exceptional blend of personalized service, meticulous planning, and a deep-rooted understanding of Nepalese culture, this company ensures that your journey across Nepal becomes a memorable tapestry of luxury, adventure, and authentic experiences. Whether it's the Everest helicopter tour from Kathmandu, the opulence of Kathmandu luxury hotels, the wild escapade in Chitwan luxury safari lodges, or the serene stays in luxury resorts in Pokhara, every segment of your tour echoes the superior standards upheld by Luxury Holidays Nepal. Add to this their exemplary attention to detail in curating Nepal tour packages, and it's evident why they're recognized as the foremost provider of Luxury Nepal holiday packages. If you seek a blend of grandeur, culture, and unparalleled landscapes, look no further than Luxury Holidays Nepal for an immersive and luxurious Nepalese experience.

    Everest Helicopter Tour

    The Himalayas, a mesmerizing range of snow-clad mountains, have been a source of awe and inspiration for centuries. But among them, standing tall at 8,848 meters, Mount Everest reigns supreme. The Everest Helicopter Tour, curated by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., offers travelers an unparalleled opportunity to come face-to-face with this majestic peak in the lap of luxury.

    Key Highlights of the Everest Helicopter Tour:

    • Close Encounter with Everest: Experience the thrill of hovering above the world's tallest mountain, taking in the sheer magnitude and majesty of Mount Everest.

    • Landing at Everest Base Camp: An exhilarating highlight where you touch down at the base of this colossal peak, allowing for moments of reflection and wonder.

    • Panoramic Aerial Views: As the helicopter whisks you across Nepal's landscape, be treated to breathtaking views of other significant peaks, green valleys, serene lakes, and winding rivers.

    • Luxury Everest Helicopter Rides: Our helicopters are equipped with modern amenities ensuring a comfortable and safe journey. Large windows ensure unobstructed views, making for great photography opportunities.

    • Professional Pilot Guide: Our experienced pilot guides will provide insightful commentary on the various landmarks, ensuring you don't miss out on any significant sight.

    • Flexible Tour Durations: The Everest helicopter tour from Kathmandu typically lasts 4-5 hours but can be tailored to meet specific preferences.

    • Optimal Flight Times: Wondering about the best time for an Everest helicopter tour? Our experts ensure the flights are scheduled during optimal conditions, offering clear and mesmerizing views.

    • Safety First: The safety of our guests is paramount. Our fleet is regularly maintained, and our pilots are trained to handle the high-altitude conditions of the Himalayas.

    • Transparent Pricing: Concerned about the Everest helicopter tour cost? Rest assured, our packages are competitively priced, offering unparalleled luxury and experiences worth every penny.

    For many, gazing upon Mount Everest is a dream. With Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., we make this dream a reality, wrapping it in layers of luxury and comfort. As the propellers whirl and you ascend above the clouds, prepare for an adventure that is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

    Kathmandu Sightseeing

    Kathmandu, the vibrant capital city of Nepal, is a captivating blend of the ancient and the modern. Steeped in history, art, and culture, this city offers a plethora of experiences that are both enriching and enlightening. With Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., delve deep into the heart of this enchanting city as you embark on an exclusive Kathmandu sightseeing tour tailored to match the standards of the most discerning traveler.

    Major Highlights of the Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour:

    • UNESCO Heritage Sites: Explore the iconic landmarks of the city that have been recognized as world heritage sites. This includes the grand Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple), the sacred Pashupatinath Temple, the historic Patan Durbar Square, and the intricately designed Boudhanath Stupa.

    • Kathmandu Durbar Square: Step back in time as you stroll through this historic square, adorned with palaces, courtyards, and temples that date back to the 12th century.

    • Thamel District: Experience the bustling energy of Kathmandu’s popular tourist hub, Thamel, brimming with shops, restaurants, and local artisans.

    • Garden of Dreams: Discover a serene oasis in the midst of the city. This neo-classical garden is a delightful spot for relaxation and reflection.

    • Luxury Accommodation Kathmandu: After a day of exploration, retreat to the finest Kathmandu luxury hotels like Kathmandu Marriot Hotel or The Dwarika's Hotel, ensuring a luxurious and restful end to your day.

    • Guided Tours: Our experienced, English-speaking guides offer deep insights, legends, and stories behind each attraction, enriching your sightseeing experience.

    • Traditional Handicrafts and Art: Witness the city’s artistic heritage by visiting local workshops where artisans practice traditional crafts, from Thangka paintings to wood carvings.

    • Local Cuisine: Satiate your palate with authentic Nepali dishes, from momos to dal bhat, ensuring a gastronomic journey through the city.

    • Rickshaw Ride: Experience the city like a local as you take a rickshaw ride through the narrow alleyways, soaking in the everyday life of Kathmandu.

    • Cultural Performances: Conclude your day with traditional dance and music performances that offer a glimpse into Nepal's rich cultural tapestry.

    With Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., experience Kathmandu not just as a destination but as a story, a tale of ancient dynasties, spiritual pursuits, and a culture that thrives amidst the challenges of the modern world. Every corner of this city has a narrative, and we ensure you hear them all, in luxury and comfort.

    Chitwan National Park Experience

    Nestled in the southern plains of Nepal lies a verdant treasure trove of biodiversity - the Chitwan National Park. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Chitwan is renowned for its dense jungles, exotic wildlife, and immersive experiences. With Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., discover the magic and mysteries of this wilderness in unparalleled luxury, ensuring every moment is etched in memory.

    Key Attractions of the Chitwan National Park Experience:

    • Wildlife Safaris: Embark on a thrilling Chitwan National Park safari, navigating the dense jungles in search of elusive Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinoceros, leopards, and more.

    • Luxury Jungle Lodges in Chitwan: Experience serenity and luxury combined at the Chitwan luxury safari lodges. Whether it's the plush Jungle Villa Resort or the regal Meghauli Serai, A Taj Safari, guests are promised an unforgettable stay.

    • Elephant Encounters: Feel the pulse of the jungle as you embark on a unique Chitwan elephant safari, observing wildlife from the back of these majestic creatures.

    • Bird Watching: With over 500 species of birds, Chitwan is a paradise for ornithologists and bird enthusiasts. Witness colorful and diverse avian life during the early hours.

    • Canoe Rides: Glide along the placid waters of the Rapti River, watching the park's vibrant ecosystem come alive - from sunbathing crocodiles to thirsty herds of deer.

    • Cultural Interaction: Engage with the indigenous Tharu community. Experience their warm hospitality, traditional dances, and gain insights into their harmonious life with nature.

    • Chitwan Luxury Experiences: Enjoy gourmet meals, spa therapies, and private bonfires under starry skies, making your stay at Chitwan beyond just wildlife sightings.

    • Guided Jungle Walks: Accompanied by experienced naturalists, embark on guided walks, uncovering the park's lesser-known flora and fauna.

    • Sunset Views: Witness mesmerizing sunsets at the banks of the Rapti River, a serene experience after an action-packed day.

    • Conservation Initiatives: Understand the conservation efforts underway to protect Chitwan's precious wildlife and habitat, and learn how you can contribute.

    Choosing Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. for your Chitwan National Park journey ensures a seamless blend of adventure and luxury. From the thrilling chase of spotting a tiger to the calming vibes of a riverside sunset, every experience is curated to perfection, promising a trip of a lifetime.

    Pokhara's Serenity

    Amidst the shadow of the majestic Himalayan ranges, lies Pokhara, a serene gem that beautifully juxtaposes natural grandeur with cultural richness. Often termed as the 'Lake City' or 'Gateway to the Annapurna Circuit,' Pokhara is a sanctuary for those seeking tranquility and rejuvenation. When you choose Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., you don't just visit Pokhara; you embrace its spirit in opulent style.

    Enchanting Aspects of Pokhara's Serenity:

    • Phewa Lake: At the heart of the city is the shimmering Phewa Lake, where visitors can indulge in a leisurely boat ride, drifting amidst reflections of the surrounding hills and the towering Mount Machapuchare.

    • Luxury Stays in Pokhara: Elevate your Pokhara experience with luxury resorts in Pokhara, like Temple Tree Resort & Spa or Dorje’s Resort & Spa or similar. These provide a perfect blend of local aesthetics and modern luxury.

    • Lakeside Pokhara Activities: The Lakeside area is not only picturesque but also boasts numerous cafes, restaurants, and shops. Enjoy gourmet dishes while gazing upon the lake's calming waters.

    • World Peace Pagoda: A hike or drive up to this iconic white stupa offers panoramic views of Pokhara, Phewa Lake, and the Annapurna range. It stands as a symbol of peace and spirituality.

    • Paragliding: Elevate your adrenaline levels by paragliding over the city, experiencing aerial views of terraced fields, traditional settlements, and the magnificent Himalayas.

    • Gupteshwor Cave and Devi's Fall: Delve into the natural wonders of Pokhara with these geological marvels, bearing witness to the power and beauty of nature.

    • Cultural Highlights: From the Old Bazaar to Bindabasini Temple, delve into Pokhara's rich heritage, experiencing the local culture and traditions.

    • Mountain Views: Wake up to the mesmerizing sight of the Annapurna range, especially the Fishtail Mountain, which dominates Pokhara's skyline.

    • Sunrise at Sarangkot: Ascend to this vantage point early in the morning to witness a breathtaking sunrise, where the Himalayan giants are bathed in a golden hue.

    • Pokhara Sightseeing Packages: Curated experiences that offer a harmonious blend of nature, culture, and adventure, ensuring you capture the city's essence in its entirety.

    With Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., every moment in Pokhara becomes a cherished memory. From the soothing ripples of Phewa Lake to the spiritual aura of ancient temples, embrace the serenity and charm of Pokhara, all wrapped in luxury and exclusivity.

    Sarangkot Sunrise

    Perched high above the 'Lake City' of Pokhara, Sarangkot is a name that resonates with every traveler who has tasted the magic of the Himalayas at dawn. As day breaks, Sarangkot unveils a symphony of colors, painting the sky in hues of gold, amber, and rose, with the majestic peaks of the Annapurna range standing as silent, gleaming sentinels. With Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., experience this ethereal moment, wrapped in comfort and exclusivity.

    Highlights of the Sarangkot Sunrise Experience:

    • Panoramic Views: As the sun graces the horizon, witness the transformation of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu ranges. Their snow-clad peaks, under the first light of day, are a sight that remains etched in memory forever.

    • Silhouette of Pokhara: Beneath the grandeur of the Himalayas, the tranquil Phewa Lake and the city of Pokhara come to life, their silhouettes gradually gaining definition against the soft morning light.

    • Serenity at Dawn: The early morning tranquility of Sarangkot, punctuated only by distant morning prayers and the songs of awakening birds, offers a moment of introspection and peace.

    • Easy Accessibility: Despite its vantage point, Sarangkot is easily accessible by road. A short drive followed by a brief hike will transport you to this viewing paradise.

    • Local Interaction: Engage with the warm and hospitable local community. Their tales of life atop Sarangkot add a rich layer of cultural insight to the experience.

    • Photographic Delight: For photography enthusiasts, the Sarangkot sunrise offers unparalleled opportunities. Capture the play of light and shadow, the vastness of the landscapes, and the intricate details of the valleys below.

    • Paragliding Launch Site: For adventure seekers, Sarangkot is also a renowned paragliding launch site. Post sunrise, take to the skies, riding the thermals while soaking in aerial views of Pokhara and the surrounding Himalayas.

    • Accommodation: Experience the charm of waking up in mountain lodges, some offering direct views of the sunrise from the comfort of your bed.

    • Private Tours: With Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., you can opt for exclusive, private tours ensuring personalized attention, comfort, and a seamless Sarangkot experience.

    • Post Sunrise Breakfast: Relish a hearty breakfast post the sunrise, at one of the hilltop cafes, further enhancing the charm of the experience.

    Choosing Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. for your Sarangkot sunrise experience ensures that you don't just witness a new day; you become a part of its very essence. As the first rays touch the Himalayas, let your spirit soar, cherishing nature's grand show in its purest form.

    Luxurious Accommodations

    A journey into the heart of Nepal isn't merely about the destinations you explore, but also the luxurious sanctuaries you return to at the end of the day. With Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., indulge in accommodations that beautifully intertwine opulence, comfort, and Nepal's rich cultural tapestry, creating a haven of elegance in the lap of the Himalayas.

    Highlighting the Epitome of Luxury in Nepal:

    • Kathmandu's Elite Stays: From the historic ambiance of The Dwarika's Hotel to the contemporary sophistication of the Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, Kathmandu boasts a selection of luxury accommodations that cater to the discerning traveler. Revel in world-class amenities while soaking in panoramic views of the Kathmandu valley.

    • Chitwan's Jungle Elegance: Dive deep into nature without compromising on luxury. Resorts like Meghauli Serai, A Taj Safari, and Jungle Villa Resort offer lavish stays right on the fringes of the Chitwan National Park. Experience the thrill of a jungle safari during the day and retreat to the comfort of your luxury jungle lodges in Chitwan by night.

    • Picturesque Pokhara: Overlooking the tranquil Phewa Lake or nestled amidst terraced fields, Pokhara's luxury stays such as Dorje’s Resort & Spa promise a blend of natural beauty and indulgence. Enjoy the majestic views of the Annapurna range, all while experiencing unparalleled luxury stays in Pokhara.

    • Boutique Hotels in Nepal: For travelers seeking a more intimate luxury experience, Nepal offers a range of boutique hotels. These establishments, often set in restored historic buildings or serene locales, offer a unique blend of personalized services, local architecture, and modern amenities.

    • Private Retreats: For those seeking exclusivity, Nepal private tours can be complemented with stays in private villas or suites, ensuring solitude, personalized service, and tailored experiences.

    • Dining Excellence: Luxurious accommodations in Nepal also promise a gastronomic journey. Relish authentic Nepali cuisine, international dishes, and innovative fusions in sumptuous settings, accompanied by an extensive selection of beverages.

    • Wellness and Spa: Many luxury accommodations in Nepal offer state-of-the-art spa and wellness centers. Rejuvenate with traditional Himalayan treatments, yoga sessions, and holistic therapies, all designed to revitalize the body and soul.

    • Cultural Immersion: Luxury doesn't stand apart from Nepal's rich cultural fabric. Engage in curated cultural programs, workshops, and local interactions, all while staying in these luxurious abodes.

    • Eco-Luxury: Several luxury accommodations in Nepal are committed to sustainability. Stay in eco-friendly resorts that offer luxury without compromising on environmental responsibility.

    • Tailored Experiences: With Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., get the opportunity to customize your luxury accommodations based on preferences, ensuring that every aspect of your stay is in line with your desires.

    Embrace Nepal in its grandeur and elegance. Let Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. be your guide to the world of opulence, ensuring that your journey is as memorable for the nights you rest as it is for the days you explore.

    Why Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter?

    • Ultimate Pinnacle of Adventure and Luxury: The combination of an Everest helicopter tour from Kathmandu with the plush amenities of a luxury tour offers the finest blend of thrill and comfort. Flying close to the world's highest peak, while relishing top-tier services, creates a travel experience like no other.

    • Exclusivity and Personalization: With Luxury Nepal holiday packages, you are not just another tourist. You are an esteemed guest. The tour is designed to cater to individual preferences, ensuring an experience tailored to your unique tastes and desires.

    • Rich Cultural Immersion: While the luxurious amenities pamper you, the Nepal cultural tour and Kathmandu valley tour bring you closer to Nepal's rich heritage, traditions, and architectural marvels, allowing a profound understanding of the country’s essence.

    • Bespoke Accommodations: Whether you prefer the boutique charm of local Kathmandu luxury hotels or the immersive experience of Chitwan luxury safari lodges, the curated accommodation options promise unmatched opulence at every destination.

    • Holistic Experience: From the tranquil vibes of Pokhara attractions to the adrenaline-pumping excitement of the Everest helicopter tour, the itinerary encompasses the full spectrum of emotions, making it a holistic travel journey.

    • Time Efficiency: The helicopter ride ensures that travelers, even with time constraints, can witness the grandeur of Everest without the lengthy treks. This efficient use of time is perfect for those who want a taste of adventure without spending weeks on end.

    • Unparalleled Scenic Views: Hovering over the majestic Himalayan ranges provides a vantage point that is inaccessible through any other mode. The panoramic views from the helicopter are unparalleled, making it an experience of a lifetime.

    • Safety and Comfort: Every aspect, from the certified helicopter services to the selection of top-notch hotels and private transportation, has been chosen keeping safety and comfort paramount. With Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., rest assured, you are in safe and experienced hands.

    • Deep Connection with Nature: While luxury ensures comfort, destinations like Chitwan and Pokhara connect you deeply with nature. Be it spotting wildlife during the Chitwan National Park safari or basking in the serenity of lakeside Pokhara activities, you experience nature's bounty in its purest form.

    • Pampering Beyond Tours: Beyond the sightseeing and activities, the luxury tour guarantees pampering. From spa treatments in the luxury resorts in Pokhara to gourmet meals and cultural evenings, every moment is curated to make you feel special.

    The Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter is not merely a trip; it's a thoughtfully crafted journey that combines the thrill of Nepal’s natural wonders with the sheer indulgence of luxury. It invites travelers to not just see, but deeply feel and luxuriate in the Nepalese experience, making it an obvious choice for those looking for the best of both worlds.

    Best Time for Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    Nepal, a country of diverse landscapes, welcomes travelers with distinct experiences throughout the year. However, for those looking to indulge in the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour offered by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., certain periods stand out to optimize the splendors of this journey.

    The Prime Seasons:

    • Autumn (September to November):

      • Why it's Best: This is arguably the best time to visit Nepal. The skies are clear, offering unobstructed views of the mighty Himalayas, including Mount Everest during the helicopter ride.
      • Kathmandu Valley, with its iconic UNESCO heritage sites, radiates under the golden sunlight, perfect for the Kathmandu sightseeing tour.
      • Chitwan and Pokhara also enjoy moderate temperatures, ensuring pleasant excursions, whether it's jungle safaris in Chitwan National Park or lakeside activities in Pokhara.
      • Sarangkot promises mesmerizing sunrise views with crisp visibility.
      • This period also coincides with the festive season in Nepal, offering a unique insight into the rich cultural tapestry of the country.
    • Spring (March to May):

      • Why It's Best: This is the second most favored season. Rhododendrons bloom, adding vibrant hues to the lush landscapes.
      • The weather is warm and pleasant, suitable for all the planned activities, including the Everest helicopter tour.
      • Wildlife in Chitwan National Park has become more active, increasing the chance of sightings during safaris.
      • The atmospheric clarity in spring makes it ideal for the Pokhara sightseeing packages and explorations in Kathmandu.

    Secondary Options:

    • Winter (December to February):

      • While lower regions like Kathmandu, Chitwan, and Pokhara can still be comfortably explored, the higher altitudes experience cold temperatures.
      • The Everest helicopter tour might still be feasible, but it's essential to check for day-to-day conditions as mountain weather can be unpredictable.
      • Some luxury accommodations, especially boutique hotels in Nepal, offer cozy atmospheres with warm fires and festive decorations.
    • Monsoon (June to August):

      • This season is least recommended due to heavy rains. The visibility during the monsoon might hamper the panoramic views from the helicopter.
      • However, the landscape turns vividly green, and for travelers who don't mind the rain, the monsoon has its own beauty.
      • While monsoon might affect outdoor activities, it's the best time to enjoy indoor luxuries in Kathmandu luxury hotels, Chitwan luxury safari lodges, and luxury resorts in Pokhara.

    While the autumn and spring seasons are highly recommended for the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour, each season has its unique offerings. Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. ensures that regardless of when you choose to visit, your experience will be wrapped in luxury, comfort, and unforgettable memories.

    Luxury Services on Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    Premium Helicopter Ride: The Everest helicopter tour from Kathmandu is not just any ordinary flight. Experience the extravagance of a luxury helicopter ride that offers a panoramic view of the world’s tallest peak. Every detail, from the comfortable seating to the expert pilot narration, ensures a top-tier experience.

    Exclusive Accommodations: Lodgings have been carefully chosen to provide the epitome of luxury. From the historic charms of The Dwarika's Hotel in Kathmandu to the serene ambiance of Dorje’s Resort & Spa or similar in Pokhara and the wilderness luxury of Meghauli Serai, A Taj Safari in Chitwan, each accommodation option reflects the epitome of opulence and grandeur.

    Private Transportation: Move around Nepal in the comfort of private vehicles. Every transport arrangement, from airport transfers to sightseeing ventures, guarantees comfort, safety, and luxury.

    Personalized Guided Tours:
    Experience Nepal through the eyes of expert guides who not only know the history and culture inside out but also cater to your every need and curiosity, ensuring a personalized experience during the Kathmandu sightseeing tour, Pokhara exploration, and other activities.

    Gourmet Dining: The farewell dinner in Kathmandu isn’t just about food; it’s a cultural extravaganza. Dine in some of Nepal’s finest establishments and savor gourmet Nepali cuisine, accompanied by traditional dance performances.

    Chitwan Luxury Safari: Experience the wild side of Nepal in style. With the Chitwan luxury experiences, indulge in thrilling safaris, stay in upscale jungle lodges, and enjoy curated experiences that blend adventure with unparalleled luxury.

    Exclusive Everest Landing: Not every traveler gets to set foot near the Everest Base Camp. This luxury tour allows a special landing, letting you take in the magnificence of Everest up close, a memory that is both rare and luxurious.

    Private Sightseeing Packages: From serene boat rides in Pokhara's Phewa Lake to exploring the UNESCO heritage sites in Kathmandu, every sightseeing package is designed to be exclusive and luxurious, keeping your comfort and enjoyment at the forefront.

    Dedicated Support:
    Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. ensures dedicated support throughout the journey. From pre-trip consultations to on-the-ground assistance, the team is committed to making your luxury trip flawless.

    Bespoke Itinerary Options: Though the tour is well-structured, there’s always room for personalization. Whether you wish for a spa day, a private cultural event, or any other luxury service, the team is ready to tailor the itinerary to your desires.

    The Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is not just about sightseeing; it’s about experiencing Nepal in the lap of luxury. Every service, from start to finish, ensures that travelers feel pampered, valued, and treated to the finest Nepal has to offer.

    Important Notes on Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    • Physical Fitness: While the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour is designed for comfort and luxury, travelers should be in good health. Especially for the Everest helicopter landing, where altitude can be a concern, it's advised to consult with your doctor if you have underlying health conditions.

    • Altitude Awareness: The Everest Helicopter Tour takes passengers to high altitudes quickly. Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) can be a concern. Always pay attention to your body, stay hydrated, and notify the guide or pilot if you feel any discomfort.

    • Flight Dependencies: The Everest helicopter tour from Kathmandu and domestic flights can be affected by weather conditions. While Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. endeavors to stick to the itinerary, safety is paramount. Flight schedules might be changed or delayed based on weather conditions.

    • Accommodation Choices: Depending on the package - Standard, Deluxe, Luxury, or Premium – the quality and type of accommodation will vary. Ensure you're clear about your preferences while booking the Nepal luxury holiday packages.

    • Responsible Tourism: When enjoying activities, especially in Chitwan National Park, ensure you follow guidelines to minimize your impact on the environment and local wildlife.

    • Cultural Sensitivity: Nepal is rich in culture and traditions. When visiting religious and cultural sites during the Kathmandu sightseeing tour or elsewhere, dress modestly and follow local customs and etiquette.

    • Travel Insurance: Although excluded from the package, it's highly recommended that travelers procure comprehensive travel insurance covering medical emergencies, flight delays, cancellations, lost baggage, and other potential eventualities.

    • Visa Requirements: Travelers are responsible for their Nepal entry visa. You can obtain a visa upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu or from Nepalese embassies/consulates abroad.

    • Tipping Culture: Tipping is expected in Nepal for services. While not obligatory, it's a kind gesture to tip guides, drivers, and staff, especially if you're satisfied with their services.

    • Safety Measures: Always heed the advice of your guides during all activities. Whether it's during the Chitwan elephant safari, Pokhara sightseeing, or any other activity, the professionals are there to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

    • Booking in Advance: Given the luxury nature of this tour, some exclusive accommodations and services have limited availability. It's advisable to book well in advance to secure your preferred dates and choices.

    • Personal Expenses: The package includes most costs, but personal expenses, additional activities outside the itinerary, and certain meals (as mentioned in the exclusions) will be borne by the traveler.

    Embarking on the Luxury Nepal Tour with the Everest Landing Helicopter Tour is a journey of a lifetime. To ensure it's seamless, enjoyable, and safe, keeping these notes in mind is essential. Trust in Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. to curate an experience where luxury meets the mesmerizing beauty of Nepal.

    In the realm of travel experiences, the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour stands out as an exquisite blend of opulence, adventure, and cultural immersion. This curated journey by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. encapsulates the essence of Nepal, offering discerning travelers an opportunity to revel in the country's unparalleled beauty from the skies, indulge in its rich cultural tapestry, and luxuriate in some of the finest accommodations the country boasts.

    From the breathtaking helicopter ride over the iconic Everest to the serene landscapes of Pokhara, the mesmerizing dawn at Sarangkot, and the wild heartbeats echoing in Chitwan National Park, every moment is etched with magic. Coupled with Nepal's ancient history and timeless traditions, as witnessed during the Kathmandu sightseeing tour and beyond, this expedition goes beyond a mere vacation. It becomes a soulful journey where every sense is awakened, every luxury indulged, and every experience treasured.

    Nepal tour packages have always been synonymous with adventure and spirituality. But with this luxurious offering, Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. adds another dimension, ensuring that the traveler's comfort, opulence, and exclusivity are in perfect harmony with the raw and untamed beauty of Nepal.

    In conclusion, the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour is more than just a tour; it's a voyage of discovery, luxury, and profound memories. Embrace the journey, and let Nepal, with its myriad hues and facets, enchant and captivate your soul.

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      Accommodation in 3-star Hotels in Kathmandu(Hotel Holy Himalaya or similar), Chitwan (Hotel Parkland or similar) and Pokhara (Hotel Lake Star or similar) on a twin/double sharing bed and breakfast basis.
      Deluxe Option: Accommodation in 4-star Hotels in Kathmandu(Hotel Mulberry or similar), Chitwan (Hotel Green Park Resort or similar) and Pokhara (Hotel Mount Kailash Resort or similar) on a twin/double sharing bed and breakfast basis.

      Luxury Option: Accommodation in 5-star Hotels in Kathmandu(Kathmandu Marriot Hotel or similar), Chitwan (Jungle Villa Resort or similar) and Pokhara (Temple Tree Resort & Spa or similar) on a twin/double sharing bed and breakfast basis.

      Premium Option: Accommodation in 5-star Hotels in Kathmandu(The Dwarika's Hotel or similar), Chitwan (Meghauli Serai, A Taj Safari or similar) and Pokhara (Dorje’s Resort & Spa or similar or similar) on a twin/double sharing bed and breakfast basis.
      Full board meal plan in Chitwan with all Jungle activities.
      Fly from Kathmandu - Chitwan and Pokhara - Kathmandu, as per itinerary.
      Helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp and return on Sharing - 4 - 5 Hours
      All ground transportation in a comfortable private vehicle as per the itinerary
    • GUIDE:
      An experienced, helpful and friendly English-speaking Guide in Kathmandu and in Pokhara
      All Nepalese staff’s daily wages, salary, food & clothing.
      Sightseeing in Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley by private vehicle and a professional guide.
      City sightseeing and entrance fees
      Farewell dinner in Kathmandu in a typical Nepali restaurant with a cultural dance performance in the evening.
      All government taxes and official expenses.

    What's Excluded

      International flight airfare (from and to Kathmandu).
      Nepal entry visa; you can obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu.
      Lunch and Dinner while you are in Kathmandu and Pokhara (Best Places to Eat)
    • ADD-ON:
      Paragliding in Pokhara and Chitwan - Pokhara flight ticket
      Extra nights’ accommodation in Kathmandu. In case of early arrival or late departure, domestic flight cancellation (due to any other reason) than the scheduled itinerary.
      Travel Insurance (for trip cancellation, interruption, medical treatment, repatriation, etc.)
      Telephone Calls, Internet, laundry, soft drinks, beers, and any Alcoholic beverages.
    • FILMING:
      Special Filming, Camera, and Drone permit fee.
      Please contact us
    • Group and Family Discounts
      Please contact us or send us an email at [email protected]
    • TIPS:
      Tips for the guide & driver. (Tipping is Expected).
    • EXTRA:
      Any other services, activities or personal expenses, which are not mentioned in the itinerary and other items not listed in the “Cost Includes” section.

    Introduction of Nepal   Before Traveling Nepal  While You are in Nepal   Before You Plan Nepal Trip

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      5 star service

      Luxury tours of Nepal offer exceptional service, with personalized attention and high-end amenities. From luxury hotels and lodges to private transportation and expert guides, everything is carefully curated to ensure the ultimate comfort and convenience of the traveler.

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      Mr. Benjamin Wilson
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      Unforgettable opportunity to experience the natural beauty

      Luxury tour of Nepal offers an unforgettable opportunity to experience the natural beauty, cultural richness, and warm hospitality of this incredible country in comfort and style. With personalized attention, exclusive accommodations, and unparalleled experiences, a luxury tour of Nepal is an experience of a lifetime.

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      Rich culture, and warm hospitality

      Luxury tour of Nepal offers an exclusive and unforgettable way to experience this incredible country. With luxurious accommodations, personalized attention, and unparalleled experiences, a luxury tour of Nepal is the ultimate way to explore the natural beauty, rich culture, and warm hospitality of this incredible country.

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    Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter tour FAQs

    Got a question about Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter tour?

    Reach out to our travel experts.

    Ask a Question

    Essential Information

    Accommodations on Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter tour

    The heart and soul of Nepal, Kathmandu offers a wide range of luxurious accommodation choices that cater to the most discerning traveler:

    • Standard Option: Stay at Hotel Holy Himalaya or a similar establishment, offering a blend of traditional charm and modern amenities.

    • Deluxe Option: Experience elegance at Hotel Mulberry or equivalent, known for its exemplary service and refined ambiance.

    • Luxury Option: Dive into the world of opulence at Kathmandu Marriot Hotel or a similar luxurious establishment, where every detail is tailored to offer a regal experience.

    • Premium Option: Witness authentic Nepalese grandeur at The Dwarika's Hotel or its counterpart, renowned for preserving the rich architectural heritage of Nepal.

    Nestled amidst nature, Chitwan’s luxurious accommodations offer an immersive wildlife experience:

    • Standard Option: Find comfort amidst nature at Hotel Parkland or a similar establishment, ideally located to offer an authentic jungle experience.

    • Deluxe Option: Relish the blend of luxury and wilderness at Hotel Green Park Resort or its equivalent, offering a serene escape.

    • Luxury Option: Elevate your stay at Jungle Villa Resort or a similar establishment, where luxury meets nature in harmony.

    • Premium Option: Immerse in unparalleled luxury at Meghauli Serai, A Taj Safari or its equivalent, offering an exquisite blend of rustic charm and sheer opulence.

    A serene oasis, Pokhara promises accommodations that amplify its tranquillity:

    • Standard Option: Relish the lakeside views at Hotel Lake Star or a similar establishment, ensuring a peaceful retreat.

    • Deluxe Option: Find your haven at Hotel Mount Kailash Resort or its counterpart, blending luxury with nature.

    • Luxury Option: Revel in the grandeur of Temple Tree Resort & Spa or a similar establishment, known for its impeccable services and scenic surroundings.

    • Premium Option: Experience exclusivity at The Pavilions Himalayas The Farm or its equivalent, a sanctuary that offers unmatched luxury amidst nature.

    Whether you choose the historic charm of Kathmandu, the wild allure of Chitwan, or the serene vibes of Pokhara, the accommodations handpicked by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. promise an unparalleled experience. Each option, be it standard, deluxe, luxury, or premium, ensures top-tier services, exquisite settings, and a deep connection to the destination, making your Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter an affair to remember.

    Drinking water on Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter tour

    Water is the essence of life, especially when you're exploring the varying altitudes and landscapes of Nepal. Recognizing the paramount importance of hydration and ensuring the health and well-being of its guests, Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. offers curated provisions for drinking water during the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter.

    Bottled Mineral Water: For most of the tour, especially during city stays in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and while on the Everest helicopter tour, bottled mineral water will be readily available. These bottled waters are sealed, commercially purified, and are safe for consumption. Luxury Holidays Nepal ensures that the brands provided are reputable and adhere to international safety and hygiene standards.

    Eco-Friendly Alternatives: Mindful of the environmental impact, especially in eco-sensitive zones like Chitwan, the tour encourages travelers to use reusable water bottles. Many luxury hotels and resorts in Kathmandu, Chitwan, and Pokhara offer in-house water purification systems, allowing guests to refill their bottles with clean and purified water. This not only reduces plastic waste but also ensures that the pristine environment of Nepal remains unaffected.

    Boiled and Purified Water in Resorts: In areas closer to nature, like Chitwan and certain parts of Pokhara, many luxury accommodations offer boiled and filtered water to guests. Boiling is one of the most effective methods to purify water, making it safe for drinking.

    Hydration during Everest Helicopter Tour: Given the altitude and the excitement of the helicopter ride, staying hydrated is essential. Travelers will be provided with bottled mineral water to ensure they remain well-hydrated throughout this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Caution in Remote Areas: While Luxury Holidays Nepal ensures the provision of safe drinking water throughout the tour, travelers are advised to always consume water from trusted sources. In remote areas or when in doubt, it's recommended to drink boiled or chemically treated water.

    Stay Informed: The experienced, helpful, and friendly guides from Luxury Holidays Nepal will constantly remind and ensure that you stay hydrated. They will also provide insights on the best practices regarding water consumption in different regions of the tour.

    Transportation on Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter tour

    Navigating through Nepal's diverse landscapes requires seamless and comfortable transportation. Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. ensures that every moment of your journey, from soaring over the Himalayas to traversing city streets, is a luxurious experience. Here's an overview of the transportation services provided during the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour:

    Private Ground Transportation: For city tours, transfers, and inter-city travel, guests are provided with private, air-conditioned vehicles that ensure comfort and luxury. These vehicles are well-maintained, equipped with modern amenities, and driven by experienced drivers familiar with local terrains and routes.

    Everest Helicopter Tour: The centerpiece of this luxury tour is the Everest helicopter tour from Kathmandu. Travelers will board a state-of-the-art helicopter, known for safety, comfort, and offering panoramic views. This luxurious ride allows guests to experience the grandeur of Everest like never before, landing at base camp and capturing breathtaking vistas.

    Domestic Flights: Connecting major tourist hubs like Kathmandu, Chitwan, and Pokhara are quick and comfortable domestic flights. These flights not only save time but also offer aerial views of Nepal's diverse landscapes. With airlines known for safety and service, your short hops between cities will be both scenic and serene.

    Eco-Friendly Rides in Chitwan: While in Chitwan National Park, the transportation shifts to more eco-friendly options that align with the natural surroundings. Be it jeep safaris or traditional canoe rides, the mode of transport ensures a genuine wildlife experience while minimizing environmental impact.

    Guided Transfers: To enrich the travel experience, the transfers within Kathmandu and Pokhara for sightseeing will be accompanied by knowledgeable English-speaking guides. Their insights and stories will transform routine transfers into immersive cultural journeys.

    Safety First: Ensuring the safety of guests is paramount. All modes of transportation, be it ground vehicles, helicopters, or domestic flights, adhere to stringent safety protocols. Regular maintenance checks, qualified staff, and adherence to international safety standards ensure that every journey is as safe as it is luxurious.

    Age Limit for Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    Embarking on the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour is an experience unlike any other. This mesmerizing journey, weaving through the cultural heartlands, serene lakesides, dense jungles, and towering peaks of Nepal, demands certain considerations, especially when it comes to age. Here's a detailed look at the age limit considerations presented by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd.:

    Minimum Age Requirement: Generally, there isn't a strict lower age limit for most of the activities on this tour. However, for the Everest helicopter tour, it's advisable for children to be above the age of 4 to ensure they can cope with the changes in altitude and air pressure.

    Maximum Age Consideration: While there isn't a strict upper age limit set for this tour, participants should be aware that the Everest helicopter ride involves high altitudes which might pose risks for elderly individuals or those with certain health conditions. It's always best to consult with a healthcare professional before the trip.

    Health and Fitness: More than age, the physical health and fitness level of participants are paramount. Especially for the helicopter tour to Everest, individuals should not have any severe heart or lung issues. The thin air at high altitudes can be challenging even without any strenuous activity.

    Family-friendly Activities: The sightseeing tours in Kathmandu, adventures in Chitwan National Park, and the serene beauty of Pokhara are family-friendly, making them suitable for both younger and older participants. However, guardians should always supervise young children.

    Special Requests: Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. prides itself on catering to the unique needs of its clients. If there are specific age-related requests or concerns, the company is more than willing to make necessary adjustments or provide recommendations to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience.

    Safety Measures: For all age groups, safety remains the topmost priority. From the choice of vehicles to the helicopter operators, every service provider is selected based on their impeccable safety records. Moreover, experienced guides and staff are always on hand to assist and ensure the well-being of guests of all ages.

    Weather Conditions for Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    Nepal, blessed with varied topography, offers a range of climates. As travelers embark on the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour, it's essential to understand the diverse weather conditions they might encounter. Here's a comprehensive overview, brought to you by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd.:

    Nestled in a valley, Kathmandu experiences a moderate climate.

    • Spring (March-May): A perfect time with mild temperatures and blossoming flowers.
    • Summer (June-August): Warmer days with chances of monsoon rains, making it humid.
    • Autumn (September-November): Arguably the best season with clear skies and comfortable temperatures.
    • Winter (December-February): Cold mornings and evenings, but daytime temperatures are mild.

    Everest Helicopter Tour:
    Weather plays a pivotal role in the Himalayas.

    • Spring: Clear skies, offering panoramic mountain views. Morning rides are best as the weather remains stable.
    • Summer: Monsoonal, posing flight challenges. Flights are mostly scheduled during the morning when the weather is stable.
    • Autumn: Another excellent time for helicopter rides with crystalline skies and majestic mountain views.
    • Winter: The skies are clear, but it's colder, especially during landings near Everest Base Camp.

    Chitwan National Park:
    Located in the Terai plains, Chitwan experiences a tropical climate.

    • Spring: Warm with colorful blossoms, making it pleasant for safaris.
    • Summer: Hot and humid with heavy rains. Some safari activities might be restricted.
    • Autumn: Cooler climate with clear skies, suitable for all activities.
    • Winter: Mild temperatures, making it comfortable for jungle excursions.

    Situated beside a lake, Pokhara has a temperate climate influenced by monsoons.

    • Spring: Warm days with clear skies. Excellent for boating and sightseeing.
    • Summer: Warm and humid with intermittent rains. The landscape turns lush green.
    • Autumn: Ideal for sightseeing with moderate temperatures and clear views of the Annapurna range.
    • Winter: Cooler, especially during evenings. Days remain sunny and bright.

    Sarangkot Sunrise: Situated at an altitude, mornings can be chilly, especially in winter. Clear days offer mesmerizing sunrise views over the snow-capped peaks.

    Meals During the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    The culinary journey is an integral part of any luxury tour. The Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. offers a delightful mix of local flavors and international cuisine, ensuring guests not only relish Nepal's beauty but also its diverse gastronomic offerings. Here's what to expect:

    Kathmandu: Kathmandu, the capital, boasts an array of dining experiences.

    • Breakfast: Typically included in your hotel stay. Choices range from continental breakfasts with pastries, cereals, and fruits to Nepali-style breakfasts with items like 'alu paratha' (potato-filled flatbread) or 'poha' (flattened rice dish).

    • Lunch and dinner: Not included in the package. However, guests have the liberty to explore a myriad of restaurants, from fine-dining establishments offering Nepal cultural tour-themed meals to international eateries.

    Everest Helicopter Tour: While the main attraction is the scenic beauty, the experience often includes a short stop at a mountain lodge for a refreshing beverage or breakfast.

    Chitwan National Park: Being a premium destination, Chitwan offers unique culinary experiences.

    • Full board meal plan: All meals are usually included in the stay. Guests can savor a mix of local Tharu dishes, Nepali cuisines, and international options. Specialties might include grilled river fish, local vegetables, and traditional curries.

    Pokhara: The lake city of Pokhara is known for its relaxed ambiance and diverse food choices.

    • Breakfast: As with other destinations, it's typically included in the hotel stay, ranging from continental options to local Nepali dishes.

    • Lunch & Dinner: While not included in the package, Pokhara's Lakeside area is dotted with numerous cafes, restaurants, and eateries, offering everything from traditional Nepali thalis to international cuisines.

    Best Places to Eat in Nepal

    Grade and Highest Altitude on Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    Grade: Easy to Moderate

    The Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour is categorized as 'Easy to Moderate' in terms of difficulty. While the majority of this tour is about leisurely sightseeing and enjoying luxurious amenities, there are no strenuous treks or hikes involved. However, the helicopter ride to Everest brings guests to higher altitudes, and altitude sensitivity can vary among individuals. Hence, a moderate grade is assigned to account for the high-altitude experience.

    Highest Altitude:

    • Everest Base Camp Helicopter Landing: Approximately 5,364 meters (17,598 feet) above sea level.

    During the helicopter ride, participants will be flying over and landing near the Everest Base Camp, which is situated at an elevation of around 5,364 meters. This is the highest point of the tour. Being at such an altitude, even for a short time, can expose guests to the thin air of the Himalayas, which can be a new experience for many. It's crucial to note that while the helicopter provides a quick and comfortable way to witness Everest, altitude sickness can still be a concern, and it's essential to be aware of its symptoms.

    Precautionary Note:
    Even though the exposure to high altitude is brief, Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. recommends that guests consult with their doctors before undertaking the tour, especially if they have underlying health conditions. The company ensures that the helicopter ride is conducted under safe conditions, with the necessary oxygen supplies onboard. Moreover, participants are advised not to make any sudden or vigorous movements while at higher altitudes to prevent potential altitude-related complications.

    Everest Helicopter Landing Tour - Important Notes

    Safety First: Safety is the utmost priority. The Everest helicopter tour from Kathmandu adheres to strict safety guidelines, ensuring a secure experience for all participants. Helicopters are regularly inspected, and pilots are seasoned with years of flying experience in the Himalayas.

    Altitude Concerns: While the helicopter provides a swift and efficient way to reach the Everest Base Camp, guests will be at an altitude of 5,364 meters. Brief exposure to such heights can still cause altitude sickness in some individuals. Symptoms can include headache, nausea, and dizziness. It's vital to communicate any discomfort to the guide or pilot immediately.

    Limited Time at Base Camp: Due to the altitude concerns, the stay at Everest Base Camp is brief—usually around 15 minutes. This is to ensure that guests are not exposed to high altitudes for prolonged periods.

    Weather Dependency: The Everest base camp helicopter tour is highly dependent on weather conditions. Flights may be delayed or rescheduled if weather conditions are deemed unsuitable for flying. This includes factors like heavy snowfall, rainfall, or strong winds.

    Oxygen Support: Helicopters are equipped with an oxygen system. In case guests feel any discomfort, oxygen masks are available to assist.

    Packing Essentials: Despite the quick nature of the tour, it's still essential to be adequately prepared. This includes wearing layers, as temperatures can be significantly colder at higher altitudes. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a camera are also must-haves.

    Booking and Costs: Given the popularity of the Everest helicopter tour, it's recommended to book well in advance. While the Everest helicopter tour cost might be on the higher side due to the unique experience it offers, it promises unparalleled views and memories that last a lifetime.

    Health and Insurance: Guests are advised to consult with their doctors before undertaking the tour, especially if they have existing health issues. It's also recommended to have travel insurance that covers high-altitude helicopter tours.

    Environment Responsibility: The pristine environment of the Everest region is a treasure. Guests are kindly reminded to ensure that they do not leave any waste behind and uphold responsible tourism standards.

    The Everest Helicopter Landing Tour offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to behold the majesty of Everest up close without the challenges of a prolonged trek. While it promises unmatched beauty and thrill, it's imperative to be informed and prepared. With these notes in mind and under the guidance of Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., one can surely embark on this extraordinary journey with confidence and excitement.

    Group Leader during the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    For those embarking on the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour, a group leader plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the journey is seamless, enriching, and memorable. Here's what guests can expect from their group leader during this tour:

    Expert Knowledge: The group leader accompanying you is an experienced professional with in-depth knowledge about Nepal's cultural heritage, local customs, historical significance of sites, and the natural beauty of the regions you'll be visiting. Whether it's the intricacies of the Kathmandu Valley tour, the biodiversity of Chitwan National Park, or the serenity of Pokhara, your group leader will provide insights that enhance your experience.

    Fluent English Communication: All group leaders assigned by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. are fluent in English to ensure clear communication. This ensures that guests can easily understand the information shared, ask questions, and engage in meaningful conversations throughout the tour.

    Safety and Health: Safety is paramount. During the Everest helicopter tour from Kathmandu, the group leader works in tandem with the pilot, ensuring that all safety protocols are observed. They also keep an eye on guests for signs of altitude sickness or any other discomforts, taking immediate action if needed.

    Coordination and Logistics: The group leader is responsible for the day-to-day management of the tour. This includes coordinating with hotels for accommodations, arranging transportation, ensuring that the itinerary is followed accurately, and addressing any unforeseen challenges or changes.

    Personal Touch: While their primary role is to guide and inform, the group leaders from Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. are also known for their personal touch. They often share personal stories, engage in light-hearted conversations, and sometimes even introduce guests to local experiences that are not part of the standard itinerary.

    Problem Solving: Should any issues or concerns arise during the trip – be it related to accommodations, transportation, or any personal needs – the group leader acts promptly to resolve them, ensuring that guests have a hassle-free experience.

    Cultural Etiquette: Nepal has a rich tapestry of customs and traditions. The group leader educates guests about local etiquette, ensuring respectful interactions with locals, and deepening the cultural immersion.

    The group leader is more than just a guide; they are your companion, confidante, and troubleshooter during the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour. With their expertise and the dedicated services offered by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., guests are guaranteed not just a tour, but an experience that they will cherish for a lifetime. (Click here to see the Guide Profiles)

    Visa for Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    Embarking on the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour promises an unforgettable journey through Nepal's enchanting landscapes and cultural wonders. But before you take off on this adventure, it's crucial to ensure you have the necessary visa for entry into Nepal. Here's a concise guide on the visa process:

    Nepal Entry Visa:
    Most foreign nationals, except a few exempted countries, require a visa to enter Nepal. The good news is that Nepal offers an 'On Arrival' visa for many nationals.

    Visa On Arrival:
    Upon your arrival at the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu, you can obtain a visa at the immigration counter. Here's what you need:

    • A valid passport with at least six months of validity from the date of entry.
    • A recent passport-sized photo.
    • Visa fee, which varies based on the duration of your stay.
    • A completed visa application form is available at the airport or online.

    Visa Duration and Fee (as of last update):

    • 15 days: US$30
    • 30 days: US$50
    • 90 days: US$125 Note: It's advisable to carry some extra US dollars for potential visa fee changes or other minor expenditures.

    Extension: If you wish to extend your stay in Nepal, you can apply for a visa extension at the Nepal Department of Immigration in Kathmandu. Extensions are subject to additional fees.

    Online Application: To speed up the process at the airport, you can fill out the visa application form online within 15 days before your arrival in Nepal. Remember to print and carry the confirmation receipt.

    Exemptions: Citizens of certain countries are exempted from requiring a visa for Nepal or having special provisions. Ensure to check Nepal's official immigration website or contact Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. for specific details related to your nationality.

    Important Points:

    • While the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour covers many aspects of your journey, remember that the international flight airfare to and from Kathmandu and the Nepal entry visa fee is not included in the package.
    • Always keep a copy of your visa and passport while traveling in Nepal.
    • Ensure you're aware of the visa expiration date and avoid overstays.

    Securing a visa for Nepal is generally a straightforward process, but being prepared in advance will ensure a smooth start to your luxurious escapade. The team at Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is always at hand to guide and assist you with any visa-related queries to make your Luxury Nepal Tour a seamless experience.

    Safety Notes for Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    Your safety is of paramount importance, especially when embarking on an experience as grand as the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour. Here are some crucial safety notes to consider for your journey:

    • Acclimatization: While the helicopter tour provides a swift journey to higher altitudes, it's vital to be aware of altitude sickness symptoms. Helicopter flights reduce acclimatization time, so ensure you communicate any discomfort to your guide immediately.

    • Helicopter Safety:

      • Always follow the pilot's instructions during the Everest helicopter tour.
      • Approach the helicopter from the front where the pilot can see you.
      • Do not approach the tail rotor or the rear side of the helicopter.
      • During landing and take-off, stay seated and keep your seatbelt fastened.
    • Travel Insurance: Ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers high-altitude helicopter tours, medical emergencies, and evacuations.

    • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout your journey, especially during the Everest helicopter tour, to help prevent altitude-related issues.

    • Local Customs and Etiquette: Respect local traditions, customs, and religious sentiments. When visiting temples or monasteries, follow the dress code and ask for permission before taking photos.

    • Stay with the Group: While exploring Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, or any other location, ensure you remain with your group or inform your guide if you wish to explore independently.

    • Wildlife Safety in Chitwan:

      • Always be accompanied by a guide during jungle activities.
      • Maintain a safe distance from wild animals.
      • Avoid flash photography which can provoke or disturb animals.
    • Food and Drink: While the Luxury Nepal Tour offers high-quality meals, always ensure the freshness of food and drink bottled or boiled water.

    • Emergency Contacts: Have a list of emergency contacts, including your embassy or consulate, local police, and medical facilities.

    • Carry Essential Medications: If you have specific medical conditions, ensure you bring the necessary medications and inform your guide about them.

    • Road Travel: Road conditions in certain parts of Nepal can be challenging. Trust your experienced drivers and avoid traveling during the night.

    • Stay Updated: Stay informed about local news, weather forecasts, especially regarding the conditions at Everest Base Camp.

    While Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. strives to provide a luxurious and seamless experience, your cooperation and awareness play a significant role in ensuring a safe journey. Following these safety guidelines and staying vigilant will enhance the enjoyment of your once-in-a-lifetime Luxury Nepal Tour with an Everest Landing Helicopter experience. Safe travels!

    Guarantee to See Everything as per the Itinerary

    Embarking on the Luxury Nepal Tour with the Everest Landing Helicopter Tour is a significant investment of time, energy, and resources. At Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., we understand the profound value and anticipation placed on this experience. Therefore, we guarantee the following:

    • Commitment to the Itinerary: We guarantee that all activities, sightseeing tours, and destinations as mentioned in the itinerary will be covered unless unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions, political unrest, or other unpredictable events prevent us from doing so.

    • Alternative Solutions: In the rare event that a specific activity or sightseeing tour can't be conducted due to reasons beyond our control, we promise to provide an alternative experience of equal significance and appeal.

    • Experienced Guides and Local Experts: Our local guides and experts are well-versed in the regions covered in the itinerary. They will ensure you don't miss out on any key highlights or attractions.

    • No Hidden Changes: There will be no sudden alterations or omissions to the itinerary unless it’s for safety or enhanced tour experience purposes. We pride ourselves on transparency and integrity in all our operations.

    • Real-time Updates: If there are any unavoidable changes to the itinerary, you will be informed in real-time, ensuring no surprises or disappointments.

    • Scheduled Helicopter Tour: The Everest Helicopter Tour is a significant highlight. We ensure that this experience is conducted as per the plan. However, helicopter rides are subject to weather conditions. In case of adverse weather, the ride will be rescheduled to the next possible safe day during the tour's duration.

    • Safety First: While we guarantee to cover everything as per the itinerary, our primary concern is always the safety of our guests. Any alterations or delays in the itinerary due to safety reasons will always be in the best interest of our travelers.

    • Feedback and Concerns: Should you feel that a particular element of the tour hasn’t lived up to our promise, we encourage immediate feedback. We are committed to resolving concerns on the go and ensuring maximum satisfaction.

    • Transparent Communication: We believe in open communication. Our representatives are available 24/7 during the tour to address any queries or concerns you might have regarding the itinerary.

    At Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., our reputation is built on trust, commitment, and the joyous experiences of our guests. We guarantee a journey as envisioned in the itinerary, coupled with our unwavering dedication to ensuring you take back memories that last a lifetime. Embark on the Luxury Nepal Tour with the Everest Landing Helicopter Tour with the assurance of a truly fulfilling adventure.

    Booking your international flight for the Luxury Nepal Tour with the Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    When booking your international flight, it's important to ensure that you arrive in Kathmandu at least one day before the start of your tour. This will allow you time to rest and adjust to the local time zone before beginning your tour.

    It's also recommended to book a return flight that departs at least one day after the end of your tour to allow for any unexpected delays or changes to your itinerary. 

    These sites allow you to search for flights based on your preferred travel dates, departure and arrival airports, and other preferences.

    1. Expedia (
    2. Kayak (
    3. Skyscanner (
    4. CheapOair (
    5. Orbitz (
    6. Travelocity (
    7. Priceline (
    8. TripAdvisor (

    When and where should you arrive for the Luxury Nepal Tour with the Everest Landing Helicopter Tour?

    For those booked on the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour, here's your guide on when and where to arrive:

    Arrival Date: Your tour begins on Day 01 with your arrival at the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. It's advised to arrive on this day or a day earlier if you'd like some extra time to rest or explore on your own.

    Arrival Airport: Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Arrival Recommendations:

    • Flight Timings: While flights arrive at various times at Tribhuwan International Airport, it is recommended to arrive during daylight hours to facilitate easier transfers and settle into your hotel comfortably.

    • Pre-booking: Ensure that your flight bookings align with the tour start date to prevent any scheduling mishaps.

    • Early Arrival: If you're arriving earlier than the tour start date, please inform us in advance. This will help in arranging additional accommodations or any other required services.

    • Visa On Arrival: Most nationalities can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport in Kathmandu. Ensure you have all the necessary documents and fees ready. However, we recommend checking the visa requirements for your specific country beforehand.

    On Arrival:

    • Welcome at the Airport: Representatives from Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. will greet you at the airport. Look for signage with the company's name or your name.

    • Transportation: All ground transport, including airport transfers to the hotel, is arranged in a private vehicle. Depending on the package you've chosen, transportation will be comfortable and luxurious, ensuring a seamless journey to your accommodation.

    • Orientation: After settling into your hotel, there will be a pre-trip meeting where you'll be briefed about the entire tour, allowing you to understand the itinerary, meet your guide, and ask any last-minute questions.

    Arriving in a new country can be overwhelming, but with the meticulous arrangements by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., you are assured a smooth beginning to your Luxury Nepal Tour with the Everest Landing Helicopter Tour. We eagerly await your arrival to embark on this extraordinary journey through Nepal's breathtaking landscapes and cultural richness.

    Currencies accepted during Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    Embarking on the Luxury Nepal Tour with the Everest Landing Helicopter Tour is an exhilarating experience. To ensure you face no monetary hassles during your journey, here's a guide on the currencies accepted:

    Nepali Rupee (NPR):

    • Main Currency: The primary and official currency of Nepal is the Nepali Rupee. It is accepted everywhere, from high-end hotels to local street vendors.

    US Dollars (USD):

    • Tourist Areas: Many hotels, travel agencies, and airlines in major cities will accept US Dollars.
    • Exchange: It's advisable to exchange some USD for Nepali Rupees upon arrival, as smaller establishments or remote areas may not accept USD.

    Credit and Debit Cards:

    • Hotels and Major Shops: Most of the luxury hotels, restaurants, and large shops in cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara accept major credit and debit cards.
    • ATMs: ATMs are available in cities and major tourist areas. Ensure that your card works internationally and is enabled for foreign transactions.
    • Surcharge: Some establishments may levy a surcharge on card transactions, so it's always good to check beforehand.

    Other Major Currencies:

    • Acceptance: The Euro (EUR), Australian Dollar (AUD), and British Pound (GBP) are sometimes accepted in tourist areas, but it's not as common as USD.
    • Exchange: It is recommended to exchange these currencies to NPR or USD for broader acceptance.


    • Small Denominations: When carrying NPR, keep smaller denominations for local purchases, tips, and transportation.
    • Money Changers: Use official money changers or banks for currency exchange. Avoid black market exchanges as they may offer unfavorable rates or counterfeit notes.
    • Cash Reserve: Always keep a reserve of cash, especially when heading to remote areas where ATMs might not be available.

    In Conclusion:
    While the Nepali Rupee is the most widely accepted currency, it's beneficial to carry a combination of cash (in both NPR and USD), and a credit or debit card. This provides flexibility in transactions and ensures you're prepared for all situations. Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. recommends always checking the current exchange rate and notifying your bank of your travel dates to ensure uninterrupted card services.

    Internet and SIM Card for Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    As travelers set off on the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour, staying connected becomes paramount, whether it's to share incredible moments with loved ones, for navigation, or to access important information on the go. Here's a comprehensive guide on the internet and SIM card usage during your luxurious adventure in Nepal:

    Internet Access:

    • Hotels & Resorts: Most luxury hotels and resorts in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan offer complimentary Wi-Fi for guests. The speed and reliability vary but are generally decent in the city areas.
    • Internet Cafés: Available in major tourist hubs like Kathmandu and Pokhara, these offer internet services at a nominal fee.
    • Remote Areas: The internet might be limited or slow in some remote locations or during the Everest Helicopter tour. However, some luxury lodges might offer satellite-based Wi-Fi at an extra cost.

    Purchasing a SIM Card:

    • Providers: Nepal's leading telecom providers are Ncell and Nepal Telecom (NTC). Both offer 3G and 4G services in major cities and tourist areas.
    • Where to Buy: SIM cards can be purchased at Tribhuwan International Airport or authorized outlets in cities. You'll need a passport-sized photo and a copy of your passport for registration.
    • Data Packages: Both Ncell and NTC offer various data packages that can be activated easily. Tourists can choose based on their duration of stay and data needs.


    • SIM Card: A SIM card typically costs around NPR 100-150, with separate charges for call, text, and data top-ups.
    • Data Packages: Costs vary based on the volume of data and validity. A 1GB pack with a validity of a day might cost around NPR 70-100.

    Connectivity during the Everest Helicopter Tour:

    • Cellular Connectivity: Don't rely on mobile networks during the helicopter tour. Signal strength fades as you ascend.
    • Satellite Phones: For utmost safety and communication during the Everest landing, consider renting a satellite phone.


    • VPN: Consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) if accessing sensitive information. It provides an extra layer of security.
    • Offline Maps: Download offline maps of the areas you're visiting. This can be helpful in areas with limited or no connectivity.

    While Nepal offers reasonable internet and mobile connectivity, it's essential to be prepared for intermittent disruptions, especially in remote areas. With a local SIM card, travelers can enjoy the convenience of staying connected while exploring Nepal's breathtaking landscapes. Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

    Vaccinations & Immunization for Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    It's important to consider vaccinations and immunizations before embarking on a Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour. Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Rabies, and MMR vaccines may be recommended. It's also important to take preventative measures such as using insect repellent and practicing good hygiene to avoid illnesses. By consulting with a medical professional and taking necessary precautions, you can have a safe and healthy trip.

    Health Issues During Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    Embarking on the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour promises unforgettable experiences. However, it's vital to be aware of potential health issues and ensure you're adequately prepared. This guide, brought to you by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., offers essential health tips for your luxury journey in Nepal.

    Altitude Sickness:

    • Cause: It occurs due to the body's reaction to decreased oxygen levels at high altitudes.
    • Symptoms: Headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, and disturbed sleep.
    • Prevention: Acclimatize properly, maintain steady ascent rates, and stay hydrated.
    • Everest Helicopter Tour: The brief landing at the Everest Base Camp might expose tourists to high altitudes. Though the duration is short, it's crucial to monitor your body's response.

    Food and Water:

    • Precaution: Consume bottled water, avoid ice cubes, and ensure that food is thoroughly cooked and served hot.
    • Traveler's Diarrhea: It's common among travelers. Consume only reputable brands of bottled water and avoid street food.
    • Vaccinations: Consider vaccines for Typhoid and Hepatitis A, prevalent in Nepal.

    Insects and Mosquitoes:

    • Especially in areas like Chitwan, be prepared for mosquitoes.
    • Prevention: Use insect repellents, wear long-sleeved clothing in the evenings, and sleep under a mosquito net when necessary.

    Sun and Heat:

    Protection: High altitudes and clear skies can intensify the sun's effect. Use a high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses with UV protection, and wear a brimmed hat.

    Vaccinations: Consult your local travel clinic for recommended vaccines for Nepal, including Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Hepatitis A & B, and Rabies.

    Travel Insurance: Ensure your travel insurance covers high-altitude trekking and helicopter rides, emergency evacuations, and standard medical treatments.

    First Aid Kit: Carry essential medications, pain relievers, band-aids, antiseptic wipes, oral rehydration salts, and altitude sickness medications like Diamox.

    Pre-existing Medical Conditions: Inform Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. in advance about any pre-existing medical conditions or specific medications you are on. This helps the team ensure your safety and cater to any specific requirements.

    Conclusion: Prioritize your health and safety when exploring Nepal's diverse terrains and cultural wonders. By taking the necessary precautions, you can fully enjoy the luxurious offerings and adventures of the Luxury Nepal Tour with the Everest Landing Helicopter Tour.

    Tipping on Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    Tipping, while not obligatory in Nepal, has become a customary practice, especially in the tourism sector. The Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour, orchestrated by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., offers a blend of experiences from serene valleys to majestic mountain vistas. When relishing such premium services, many travelers often inquire about tipping etiquette. Here's a comprehensive guide to ease any uncertainties:

    Why Tip?

    • Appreciation: Tipping is a direct way to express gratitude for the services rendered. It acknowledges the efforts of those who contributed to enhancing your journey.
    • Economic Support: Many workers in the tourism sector, especially guides and porters, rely significantly on tips as an essential part of their income.

    Who to Tip?

    • Guides: The knowledgeable individuals who provide insights into the locations, culture, and history.
    • Drivers: Those responsible for safe road transportation throughout the journey.
    • Hotel Staff: Includes housekeeping, bellboys, and concierges.
    • Restaurant Staff: Especially when dining outside the arranged meals of your tour package.
    • Helicopter Crew: If you felt the experience was exceptional.
    • Staff in Chitwan National Park: Those facilitating the jungle activities and experiences.

    How Much to Tip?

    • Guides: A daily tip of USD 10-15 from the group.
    • Drivers: USD 5-10 per day from the group, depending on the service quality.
    • Hotel Staff: USD 1-3 for services like room service, luggage handling, etc.
    • Restaurant Staff: 10-15% of the bill is customary if a service charge isn't included.
    • Helicopter Crew: At your discretion, but typically USD 5-10 per passenger.
    • Chitwan Park Staff: USD 5-10 for the guide and a similar amount distributed among other staff.

    When to Tip? It's most appropriate to tip at the end of a service. For example, tip guides and drivers on the last day of your journey with them. For hotel staff, you can tip during your stay or upon checkout.

    How to Give Tips?

    • Be discreet when tipping. Hand the tip directly to the individual in an envelope or a small folded note.
    • If you're tipping a group (e.g., a team of porters or hotel staff), collecting a group tip and giving it to the team leader for distribution can be practical.

    Checklist for Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour

    Pre-trip Planning:

    • Booking and Documentation:

      • Confirm your booking with Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
      • Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the travel date.
      • Obtain necessary visas or get informed about on-arrival visa procedures.
    • Travel Insurance:

      • Purchase comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and other unforeseen events.
    • Health Precautions:

      • Consult with a travel doctor about vaccinations and health precautions for Nepal.
      • Bring necessary medications and a basic first-aid kit.
    • Research and Learn:

      • Familiarize yourself with the itinerary provided by Luxury Holidays Nepal.
      • Read about Nepali culture, customs, and etiquette.

    Packing Essentials:

    • Clothing:

      • Lightweight clothing for the cities (Kathmandu, Pokhara).
      • Warm layers for the helicopter tour to Everest.
      • Weather-appropriate attire (depending on the season of your visit).
      • Comfortable walking shoes and sandals.
    • Tech and Gear:

      • Camera with extra memory cards and batteries.
      • Mobile phone and charger.
      • Universal power adapter for Nepal.
      • Binoculars (optional, for better wildlife viewing in Chitwan).
    • Personal Items:

      • Personal hygiene products.
      • Sunscreen and lip balm with high SPF.
      • Hand sanitizer and wet wipes.
      • Insect repellent (especially for Chitwan).
    • Important Documents:

      • Passport and visa.
      • Printed itinerary from Luxury Holidays Nepal.
      • Hotel and transport booking confirmations.
      • Photocopies of important documents are kept separately.
      • Local currency and a credit/debit card.
    • Miscellaneous:

      • Lightweight backpack for daily essentials.
      • Reusable water bottles and purifying tablets/filters.
      • Snacks and energy bars.
      • Notebook and pen.
      • Sunglasses and hat.
      • A good book or e-reader for leisure time.
    • Safety Precautions:

      • Money belt or hidden pouch for valuables.
      • Locks for luggage.
      • Emergency contact information and local embassy/consulate addresses.

    Add on Trips

    While the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour offers an all-encompassing experience of Nepal's beauty, there are always more wonders to explore in this magical country. Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. suggests the following add-on trips to further enrich your visit:

    • Lumbini Pilgrimage Tour:

      • Dive deep into the spiritual vibes of Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha.
      • Visit the sacred gardens, the Maya Devi Temple, and the various international monastic zones.
      • Highlight: Experience the serenity of the Peace Pagoda and partake in meditation sessions.
    • Bardia National Park Safari:

      • Explore the untouched wilderness of western Nepal.
      • Spot the elusive Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinos, and a plethora of bird species.
      • Highlight: Experience a traditional Tharu cultural show in the evening.
    • Bandipur and Gorkha Tour:

      • Immerse yourself in the medieval ambiance of Bandipur, a beautifully preserved hilltop town.
      • Delve into the historical significance of Gorkha, the origin of the Shah Dynasty.
      • Highlight: Enjoy panoramic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges from Bandipur.
    • Rara Lake Trek:

      • Discover the serene beauty of Rara Lake, Nepal's largest lake, located in the remote areas of Northwestern Nepal.
      • Enjoy a relatively easy trek with magnificent views of the deep blue waters surrounded by pine forests.
      • Highlight: Boating in Rara Lake, with the backdrop of snow-capped Himalayas.
    • Patan and Bhaktapur Day Tour:

      • Explore the other two major cities of the Kathmandu Valley.
      • Revel in the rich architecture of Patan's Durbar Square and admire the medieval artistry of Bhaktapur.
      • Highlight: Taste the famous "Juju Dhau" (King Yogurt) in Bhaktapur.
    • Paragliding in Pokhara:

      • Elevate your Pokhara experience with an adrenaline-filled paragliding session over the city.
      • Capture the breathtaking bird's-eye view of Phewa Lake and the surrounding Himalayas.
      • Highlight: Soar like a bird with professional pilots, ensuring a safe and memorable flight.
    • Cultural Dinner in Kathmandu:

      • Enrich your palate with a traditional Nepali feast accompanied by local cultural performances.
      • Experience a range of dishes from diverse Nepali communities.
      • Highlight: Participate in a traditional Nepali dance.

    Embarking on the Luxury Nepal Tour with Everest Landing Helicopter Tour promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience that effortlessly marries the raw beauty of Nepal with the epitome of luxury. This unique journey, curated by Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., invites travelers to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Nepal, explore UNESCO heritage sites in Kathmandu, revel in the serenity of Pokhara, and engage with the wilderness of Chitwan National Park.

    Central to this luxury tour is the Everest helicopter tour from Kathmandu, a breathtaking excursion that offers an unparalleled view of the world's tallest peak. Coupled with this are the Kathmandu sightseeing tours, exposing the heart and soul of Nepal's historic capital and its top attractions. Adventurous souls will find solace in the Chitwan elephant safari, while those seeking relaxation can luxuriate in the boutique hotels of Nepal, notably the upscale luxury resorts in Pokhara and the Chitwan luxury safari lodges.

    The meticulous attention to detail extends to every facet of this tour – from the exquisite luxury Nepal holiday packages to the inclusion of Nepal private tours ensuring personal and intimate experiences. While the tour is expansive, covering a Kathmandu-Chitwan-Pokhara itinerary, it never feels rushed, allowing ample time for exploration, relaxation, and indulgence.

    In sum, this luxurious endeavor, underscored by the assurance of Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd., embodies the best of Nepal, from its natural grandeur to its cultural treasures. For those pondering the best time to visit Nepal or seeking an exemplary Nepal sightseeing tour, this package stands out as an elite choice, promising memories that will last a lifetime.

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