Terms & Conditions

1. Booking a Trip:

At Luxury Holidays Nepal, when you embark on any adventure that we list, be it trekking in the majestic Himalayas, sightseeing tours in ancient cities, challenging yourself on a peak, or soaking in the luxuries of the finest hotels of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Dubai, and Tibet, we ensure that once your booking is confirmed through an email, your adventurous journey with us has officially commenced.

2. Contract Formation:

A bond forms between you and Luxury Holidays Nepal when you reserve with us. This bond comprises our mutual understanding, explicitly reflected in our agreement, highlighting all the relevant terms and conditions. It's imperative to note that while our brochures provide a baseline, the actual cost may be revised before final confirmation. The essence of our relationship is in our agreement, transcending any prior discussions or understandings.

3. Deposit Requirement:

To weave your dreams into reality, we request a 30 - 40 % deposit of the total trip cost. This aids us in crafting a flawless experience for you. Your deposit needs to reach us within two weeks of your initial query. And as it reaches our end, be assured, your unique experience starts getting its shape.

Your payment options are either via a direct bank transfer or through an online secured payment using a credit card via WeTravel. Please note, that card payments will have an additional 3% surcharge for the service. For our travelers opting for Helicopter Tours, India Tours, Bhutan Tours, and Tibet Tours, we request the full payment upfront to ensure every detail is perfectly aligned.

4. Payment Methods:

After the nod from our end, confirming your desired trip, your journey with Luxury Holidays Nepal takes its first step with your payment. You have the flexibility of either choosing a bank transfer or making an online credit card payment.

  • Online Payment by Card: Your trust is our treasure. Thus, for online payments, we entrust WeTravel Smart payments, an international gateway ensuring your personal and transaction details remain confidential.

  • Bank Transfer: Should you wish to take the bank transfer route, reach out to us, and we'll swiftly provide the needed details. After you've completed the procedure, just drop us a quick email with the reference or slip, and we'll take it from there.

  • Other Methods: Depending on the company's policies, there might also be provisions for e-wallet payments, direct cash payments in Nepal, or other methods. It's always a good idea to inquire about all available payment options.

5. Last-minute booking:

Not everyone plans ahead. We get it. For those spontaneous souls, we have provisions for last-minute bookings for Nepal trips. Drop in your complete trip payments within 24 hours, and let us handle the rest. But, it's essential to note that such provisions do not extend to Tibet and Bhutan trips due to their intricate logistics. All such bookings depend on availability, but once confirmed, rest assured, Luxury Holidays Nepal will make it a memorable experience.

6. Cancellation Policy:

We at Luxury Holidays Nepal recognize that life can sometimes be unpredictable. Whether it's nature's mood swings or global situations impacting travel decisions, our goal is to ensure our clients experience minimum inconvenience.

  • Trips Cancellation by Clients:

    • More than 30 days before the trip: Clients receive a refund, excluding the booking deposit.
    • 15-30 days prior: 50% of the total trip cost is retained.
    • Less than 15 days or during the trip: No refunds will be granted. If you opt out after the trip has begun, the full cost will be applied. Non-utilization of any services doesn't warrant any refunds.
  • Trips Cancellation by the Company:
    If cancellation arises from our end, barring force majeure events, we'll return your payments in full. For force majeure events, we'll recommend alternative dates or activities. If these are unsuitable, all except the booking deposit will be refunded.

7. Trip Amendment:

The mountains and nature are unpredictable. If unforeseen circumstances require an itinerary change, we'll promptly communicate any adjustments. Should you wish to modify the trip for personal reasons:

  • 30 days or more before departure: The US $100 and more fee per person applies.
  • Less than 30 days: Cancellation fees apply.
  • Within 10 days: Costs might increase, reflecting the agreements we have with third-party service providers.

8. Medical Conditions & Special Requirements:

All travelers are required to share any physical or mental health conditions that might impact their journey. Non-disclosure can lead to travel denial and 100% cancellation fees. Our endeavor is to cater to special requests, yet these aren't contractual promises. Travelers should be aware that healthcare standards can differ across countries.

9. Travel Insurance:

Himalayan adventures carry intrinsic risks, from weather disruptions to accidents. Hence, comprehensive travel insurance is non-negotiable. It should cover accidents, medical costs, repatriation, personal liability, trip cancellations, and lost belongings. Proof of insurance might be requested, and failing to produce it can result in trip cancellation without refund rights.

10. Flight Delays & Itinerary Changes:

Mountain regions can sometimes pose flight delays. If your domestic flight faces a delay, we'll bear the pre-trip accommodation and food expenses in the departure city. For delayed return flights, the extra expenses fall on you. Alternative arrangements like a helicopter flight will also be your responsibility. In case of unforeseen events on the trip, itineraries might be altered.

11. Documentation:

Travelers must have all required documents readily available and present them upon the company's request. Not having the necessary documents can potentially obstruct travel arrangements, for which the company holds no liability.

12. Visa & Passport:

Clients are required to possess a valid passport and relevant visas. We recommend a passport validity extending 6 months beyond the trip duration. For any entry denials due to improper visa documentation, the company isn't liable. Visas can be obtained on arrival at the Nepal airport. For Tibet and Bhutan, we can arrange visas upon request. For India, travelers must secure visas from their home countries. It's the client's responsibility to ensure they have proper documentation for their trip.

13. Injuries & Evacuation:

Luxury Holidays Nepal isn't accountable for any physical or emotional health conditions clients might encounter during the trip. Our package costs exclude personal insurance. We strongly advise securing comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and helicopter evacuations. Should an emergency occur, the client is responsible for all associated costs, including medical treatment and transportation.

14. Missed or Unused Services:

If any services are unused or missed, whether due to voluntary or involuntary reasons, no refund will be provided, nor any discounts will be granted.

15. Health & Fitness:

Trekking in the remote Himalayan areas requires good physical fitness. We highly recommend consulting a doctor before planning a trip to Nepal. Any pre-existing medical conditions that may necessitate medical attention or impact the ability to travel must be reported to the company.

16. Minor Travelers:

Travelers under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Details on age restrictions and trip suitability will be communicated via email. Guardians should thoroughly assess the trip's suitability for the young traveler before proceeding with the booking.

17. Discount Provisions:

General: Luxury Holidays Nepal provides special promotional rates during holidays and off-seasons on select services. To benefit from these discounts, reservations must be made within the specified promotional period.

  • International Group Leader: If an international group leader brings a group of 6 or more to Nepal, they're eligible for a 10% discount per person on the listed brochure price. This offer doesn't extend to groups with fewer than six members. We also extend special rates to international agencies wishing to collaborate on Nepal trips.
  • Academic Groups: Recognizing and supporting volunteer programs in Nepal's remote areas, we offer academic groups—both school and college—a unique discount. This is an extension of our commitment to the local communities. To avail of this, groups should contact us directly. The website prices won't apply to these special trips.

18. Supplemental Charges:

Our packages are based on twin-sharing accommodations. Clients preferring single accommodations will incur a supplemental fee, referred to as a single-room supplement. We advise indicating your preference early on for smooth planning.

19. Risk & Liabilities:

While your enjoyment and safety are paramount to us, there are factors outside of our control that might necessitate itinerary alterations. We won't be liable for changes due to unforeseen events like natural disasters, political unrest, flight changes, or personal emergencies.

Should unexpected costs arise during the trip due to such events, they will be the client's responsibility. Despite these challenges, our commitment to your trip's success remains undeterred.

20. Responsible Tourism Commitment:

We're deeply invested in responsible tourism. Our vision is twofold: offering you a memorable journey and ensuring the regions we explore benefit from our presence. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Responsible Tourism Policy.

Our endeavors include:

  • Upholding the cultural and natural heritage of the places we explore.
  • Engaging with local communities, supporting local enterprises, and fostering cultural dialogues.
  • Prioritizing environmental initiatives, including carbon footprint reduction, waste management, and conservation partnerships.

When you choose Luxury Holidays Nepal, you're not only securing an unforgettable trip but also championing responsible and sustainable tourism practices.

21. Journey Expectations:

At Luxury Holidays Nepal, we endeavor to curate a trip that's both comfortable and thrilling. However, the comforts you might expect in Western nations might not always align with what's available in Himalayan regions. Moreover, the mountainous weather can be mercurial. Therefore, journeying with an open mind, patience, and prior preparation will enhance your overall experience. We're committed to assisting you every step of the way.

22. Personal Belongings:

While our team goes above and beyond to safeguard your belongings, we cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss that might occur, whether it's during transportation by our porters, animals, or vehicles. It's imperative to get comprehensive insurance that covers such eventualities.

23. Usage of Imagery:

Images taken during your trip might be used by Luxury Holidays Nepal for promotional endeavors across various platforms without further notification or remuneration. If you'd rather not have your images shared, please notify us upfront. Such media can range from brochures and websites to social platforms and advertisements.

24. Privacy Assurance:

Any personal data shared with us, primarily for trip arrangements, remains strictly confidential. We hold your privacy in high regard and wouldn't use or disclose this data, except as necessary for trip facilitation or if mandated by law.

25. Pledge to Social Upliftment:

Being entrenched in Nepal's community, Luxury Holidays Nepal believes in giving back. Our community enhancement initiatives earmark 10% of our proceeds from every trip for bolstering education for underserved children in Nepal's hinterlands. By selecting us, you're not only embarking on a memorable trip but also making a tangible difference in the lives of many.

26. Behavior and Conduct:

Clients are expected to respect the laws and customs of Nepal. Any misconduct that causes discomfort to others or disturbs the trip can lead to the client's removal from the tour without any refund.

27. Complaints:

Any complaints regarding the trip should be communicated to the tour leader or company representative as soon as possible, allowing the company an opportunity to address the issue promptly.

28. External Links and Third-Party Services:

The company might provide links to external websites or third-party services. These are for informational purposes only, and Luxury Holidays Nepal is not responsible for the accuracy or content of such resources.

29. Applicable Law:

The contract between the client and Luxury Holidays Nepal is governed by the laws of Nepal. Any disputes will be settled in Kathmandu under the Nepalese legal system.

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