Dubai, the city's of foundation modern lifestyle and architecture, mainly famous for its luxurious lifestyles, ultramodern architecture, and nightlife scenes was founded in 1833. Dubai's unique architectural designs are a major attraction, however, the lavish luxury lifestyles of the country have been parallelly running with it. Dubai has numerous adventurous sports as well including desert safaris and water sports. Dubai stands on the policy of one or none. Their architecture's development has always been about being number one or none. The skyscrapers are in so number that it has been a normal form of development in Dubai including the world-renown Burj Khalifa which stands up to 800m elevation, likewise, Aqua-adventure, wildlife sanctuary visit, aquarium visit, desert safari, butterfly garden, and miracle garden visit are some of the highlights of Dubai. Dubai has some of the world's finest malls that have an area of nearly an entire community, excellent beaches and waterparks, private zoos and adventure parks, and Arabian history. The only 7-star hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab, can be experienced in Dubai.

Major Highlights in Dubai 

Dubai Mall

The most famous event took place in Dubai mall because it's the world's second-largest shopping mall. The mall includes adventurous sports such as ice skating. It has tremendous Cinema Theatres, Theme park, Aquarium and not to mention you can buy any type of materials or accessories in more than 1200 shops. The mall is so big you might need a week-long vacation to only properly explore the Mall. It's the true definition of shopping in luxury.

Burj Khalifa

A skyscraping tower standing up to 800mm from the ground is the major center of attraction in Dubai. There are more than 160 floors making it the highest man-made structure in the world. The view from the top is one of the best spots to observe the human settlements and architecture from a man-made structure. Other than Burj Khalifa, no place on earth has the highest viewing point of man-made structures. The skyscrapers have marvellous views from morning to night. The sunrise and sunset seen from the tower, looking at the sea setting down the horizon look absolutely phenomenal. 

Desert Safari

A must-do thing when Dubai is a Desert safari either on a Camel or Dubai’s luxury car. The experience of riding down the desert is absolutely exciting. The rollovers from cars and slow movement of camels seeing the setting sun would be an ideal situation for those safaris. Dubai’s golden sand aka desert seems to have always been a favorite sport to do.

More Highlights of Dubai

  • Visit Dubai Museum
  • Exploring old Dubai
  • Sunset pics in Dubai Frame
  • Local culture in Heritage and Diving Village
  • Underwater World at Dubai Aquarium
  • Dubai Opera

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