Luxury Travel - Luxury Lodges in Nepal

Annapurna Region 

Dhampus Lodge

The Dhampus Lodge in the Annapurna Region provided exceptional service for a tranquil stay. The closest and most magnificent mountain in the range, Machapuchare, or Fishtail Mountain, can be seen along with the Phedi and Mardi Valleys, Annapurna 1, 2, 3, and South. There are eight roomy apartments that are arranged in a row and offer breathtaking views of the Annapurna Range. On the stone flooring are rugs, blankets, and works of art from Nepal. The smartly designed en suite bathroom has hot running water that is supplied by solar energy. Basanta Lodge, which offers accommodations, a dining room, a bar, and a wonderful garden patio, has a mountainous secret feel to it. Simple joys and the natural beauty of the area are focused on here. When the sun sets over the mountains, visitors congregate on the grassy terrace for beverages and foot massages during happy hour. The quaint dining area, complete with a blazing fire and mini bar, is where dinner is served.

Club ES Deurali Resort 

Situated in the most breathtaking setting of the Annapurna range, the club ES Deurali Resort guesthouse is a destination unto itself. It offers spacious, comfortable rooms with every convenience, such as hot showers and electric blankets to keep out of the cold. Each and every visitor to this guesthouse is treated warmly and hospitably by the owner and employees. They offer all the wonderful amenities in a serene setting. Every meal, from breakfast to dinner, is excellent. Here, you can taste Tibetan, Nepali, and other cuisines, along with some fantastic beverages. It is quite comfy to stay here.

Everest region

Hotel Bright Star 

One of the beautiful tea houses to stay in the Everest region is Hotel Bright Star in Dingboche. The hotel is somewhat spacious and attractive. The guest house's rooms are warm and cozy, and the bed linens are tidy. On their journey to Everest Base Camp Trekking, the majority of trekkers and tourists acclimate here. You can eat in the dining room in the comfort of the heat and enjoy some decent food at this hotel. The hotel offers hot showers and clean restrooms. There is a vital ATM right at the door if you need money right away. Staying here provides you with an incredible experience and a surreal view of the Everest region's mountain ranges.

Namche Hilltop Lodge & Restaurant 

The Sherpa capital town Namche is situated on the upper slopes of the city, adjacent to the administrative center of the Sagarmatha National Park, and just five minutes on distance from the Sherpa Cultural Museum. The perfect acclimatization station, a base camp for cultural outings, and a spot for spa treatments, this quaint, family-friendly locale. both composed and active. All of the rooms and the lounge have unobstructed views of the town's famous C-shaped layout and the frighteningly close Kongde Mountain across the valley thanks to the lodge's elevated elevation. Clouds may surround the bazaar in the late mornings and early evenings during practically any season. The mornings and evenings, on the other hand, are frequently clear and great for sightseeing. 

Everest View Hotel

Due to its unique location, the Everest View Hotel, which is 3,962 meters (13,000 feet) above sea level, is one of the most popular lodging options in this region. A panoramic view of the majestic peaks is available from the Everest View hotel. Every hotel offers guests a glimpse of Mt. Everest so they can indulgently take in this enticing environment. The Hotel Everest View is the prime illustration of the Mountains' audacious character. You may easily travel to the adjacent towns and take in the stunning scenery, which is studded with fir trees, bushes, and rhododendron woodlands. Your visit will be cherished for a lifetime thanks to the welcome and committed staff members' first-rate service and mouthwatering cuisine.

Mustang (Lower Mustang & Upper Mustang)

 Hotel Royal Mustang (Ghami)

The Hotel Royal Mustang is a brand-new landmark, an opulent resort with first-rate amenities and comfortable guest suites. It is a chic establishment with excellent hospitality ratings. The resort is a high-end hotel that has all the newest features to provide luxurious hospitality. A soothing atmosphere is created by the blending of modern, contemporary, and ancient art, providing visitors with a large, pleasant setting. The resort, located amidst the valleys of Mustangs, offers accommodations, dining, and entertainment all under one roof to help you rediscover yourself. You might not want to return to the city and its responsibilities because of the resort's distinctive stone and wood architecture and the tranquil mountain scenery of the Land of Peace.

Lo-Manthang guest house 

The Mustang is one of the best areas to go on a trek or tour if you want to visit the desert region of Nepal. While exploring the area, you can stay at the Lo-Manthang guest house, which provides each and every visitor with outstanding service. The lodging at this inn is well-equipped, offering clean, comfortable rooms, round-the-clock hot showers, a horse for rent, laundry service, ISTD phone service, as well as camping. The owner and employees of the guest home are both exceedingly gracious and welcoming. They give us scrumptious meals with a regional flair. At such a remote location, you will receive incredible amenities and services.

Note: In addition to all of this, Nepal offers a wide range of alternative lodging options, all of which provide outstanding hospitality and customer service.