Entertainment In Bhutan

Bhutan is a nation that places a high priority on Gross National Happiness. It hasn't been open to guests from outside the country for very long. Bhutan is still a destination from the past that has not much been touched by modernization, with the exception of a few larger cities. The numerous festivals that take place all around Bhutan are one of the main sources of entertainment for the people of Bhutan. The majority of the Tshechus celebrations feature entertaining performances, masked dances, and charades. These are a huge source of joy, amusement, fun, and entertainment for the residents as well as being extremely amusing for international tourists. Following are a few of Bhutan's entertainment options:


Bhutan does not have a long and illustrious history of theater or drama. However, several dramatic dances and dramas are frequently performed throughout Bhutan during the festivals. Their shows or performances typically delight the audience with humor and jokes while also delivering religious and moral teachings. Ache Lhamo of Merak-Sakteng, Milarepa's conversion of hunter Gyonpo Dorje, and Handsome Men & Beautiful Women are a few of the most well-known dramas.

Music and Dance 

Bhutan's culture places a strong emphasis on music, which frequently plays a significant role in promoting social ideals. There are many different types of traditional music in Bhutan, ranging from folk to religious songs and music. In addition to traditional music, Bhutanese folk music frequently includes masked dances and dance dramas. With Nepali music being no exception, Bollywood music and a slight western musical influence have been increasingly popular over the past ten years. In many of Bhutan's restaurants and music venues, live music performances are available. In Bhutan, some of the hottest and trendiest music hotspots are:

  • Mojo Park, Thimphu
  • Jimmy’s Pub, Thimphu
  • Park 76 Café & Pub
  • Druk Star Karaoke Bar
  • Millennium Club, Paro

Folk Dance 

Like every other nation in the globe, Bhutan has its own distinct forms and styles of dance that perfectly capture the country's rich cultural diversity. Dancers in Bhutan give their performances with all of their heart and soul, not only to wow the audience or to win a medal. The Cham Dance, which consists of a sequence of masked dances performed by laypeople or monks dressed in elaborate costumes, is one of Bhutan's most well-known dances. Cham Dance includes the following dances:

  • Joenpa Legso
  • Drametse Nga Cham
  • Pa Cham
  • Zhungdra
  • Boedra


Bhutan's film industry isn't as developed as visitors may anticipate, yet it is. The adjacent Indian Bollywood and, to a lesser extent, the Nepali film industry have both had a significant impact on the nation's film industry. Bhutan has a small number of movie theaters, and those that do screen Hindi, English, Dzongkha, and occasionally Nepali films. Even if movie theaters may not be up to par, they have grown from nothing to quite a few. Your ticket will cost you between US$1.5 and US$8, depending on the varying standards of the cinema venue. Here are a few locations where you can enjoy some celluloid bliss for a couple of hours:

  • City Cinema, Thimphu
  • Lugar Theatre, Thimphu
  • Cinema Hall, Gelephu
  • Trowa Theatre, Thimphu
  • Multiplex, Thimphu
  • Near MIG Cinema Hall, Phuentsholing
  • SJM Cinema Hall, Samdrup Jongkhar
  • 5D Cinema Hall, Thimphu
  • Thimphu Central Complex, Thimphu
  • Changjiji Cinema Hall Complex, Thimphu

Nightclubs and Discos 

Bhutan is a relatively reclusive nation that has not recently been exposed to the outside world. The nightlife in Bhutan has been gradually evolving for a few years now, with significant impact from nearby nations like India and Nepal. These days, there are a few discos and clubs, mainly in Thimphu, Paro, and Phuentsholing. However, unlike other cities in India or Nepal, nightlife in Bhutan does not get going until very late at night. The following are some of the most well-known spots in Bhutan to hang out and experience the nightlife:

  • Viva City, Thimphu
  • Club Ace, Thimphu
  • Space 34, Thimphu
  • Zomyang Club, Wangdue Phodrang
  • Club Ecstacy, Paro
  • Club K, Thimphu
  • All-Star, Thimphu


Unfortunately, the entire kingdom of Bhutan lacks casinos. The only exception to the ban on gambling in the nation is lotteries, which are not regarded as gambling. Although it is unknown if online gambling is covered by the decrees, Bhutan has some strict gambling rules.