Bhutanese Cuisine

Bhutan is one of the best places in the world to travel, and in addition to its stunning natural and cultural attractions, it also provides a wide variety of delectable cuisine. Bhutanese cuisine will send your taste buds on a flavor-filled rollercoaster, whether it's the main course or the side dishes.

In practically every region of the country, Bhutanese cuisine makes extensive use of red rice, buckwheat, and maize along with different types of meat like chicken, yak, lamb, hog, and dried beef. The spiciness of Bhutanese food is what sets it apart from other cuisines, and chilies are surprisingly essential to practically every meal there. Bhutanese people love to consume beef stews, rice, lentils, ferns, soups, and dried vegetables seasoned with cheese and chili peppers during the colder months. The majority of Bhutanese households would never eat a meal without adding chiles to it, which is a universal truth.

Food Items You Must Not Miss in Bhutan 

Ema Datshi: This is the national dish of Bhutan and is a hot concoction of cheese and chilies. This recipe can be altered by including green beans, ferns, mushrooms, or potatoes.

Jasha Maru: Spicy chicken meal typically served with plain rice that also contains tomatoes and other seasonings.

Phaksha Paa: Spicy red chili-infused pork. The meal can occasionally be made by including spinach or radish.

Kewa Datshi: A cheese and potato mixture that is spicy.

Shamu Datshi: A cheese and mushroom mixture that is spicy.

Shakam Paa: Shakam Paa is a meal made with dried beef, dried chiles, and occasionally radish slices.

Yaksha Shakam: Dried yak meat can be prepared in a variety of ways, but it is most frequently served with fermented yak cheese.

Tripe or goep: This dish is usually cooked with a lot of chilies and chili powder, just like other meat products. The Bhutanese continue to love the meal even though it is becoming extinct in other parts of the world.

Juma: A sausage produced in Bhutan with ground beef, rice, and seasonings.
Gondo Datshi: Scrambled eggs with cheese and dried chiles in butter.

Momos: Tibetan-style dumplings loaded with cheese, cabbage, meat, or other veggies.

Hoentoe: Spicy buckwheat dumplings stuffed with spinach, yak cheese, turnip greens, and other veggies.

Jaju: A vegetable and milk soup cooked in Bhutan using a particular variety of turnips or spinach leaves. Butter and milk can be found in the soup broth.

Goen Hogay: This is a traditional cucumber salad of Bhutan made by combining cucumber with cheese, tomato, cilantro, onions, Sichuan pepper, chili flakes, and other ingredients.

Khur-le: A pancake popular in Bhutan composed of buckwheat, wheat, or barley flour.

Puta: Buckwheat noodles that are very nourishing.

Ezay: A Bhutanese chili sauce prepared with cheese, Sichuan pepper, tree tomatoes, and dried chilies.

Shabhaley or Sha Phaley: The Tibetan meal, consists of bread packed with spiced red meat and cabbage.

Jasha Tshoem: A fiery beef stew with ginger, garlic, onion, and chili peppers that is typical of Bhutan.

Zow Shungo: Red rice and leftover vegetables are used to make This popular in Bhutan. 

Besides all these visitors can try some packed snacks and delicious street food as well. You will find the unique and great taste of foods in Bhutan.