Best Places To Eat In Bhutan

Bhutan is a treasure trove of traditional foods and a no-brainer for foodies looking to explore the gastronomic variety of the nation's exquisite treasures. No matter where they go, whether in Thimphu, Paro, or elsewhere, travelers won't be disappointed with the food. Bhutanese cuisine is served in the majority of eateries nationwide. Since all meals are included in the package price, tourists must inform their guides if they prefer to eat a unique meal that might not be offered on the menu at their hotel. However, you won't have to stress about finding a good restaurant while on your Bhutan vacation. When you are hungry, your guide will undoubtedly direct you to the best restaurant in the area.

Below is a list of some of the greatest restaurants in Bhutan that serve both local specialties and cuisines from across the world:

  • Bukhari at Uma by COMO, Paro
  • Sonam Trophel Restaurant, Paro
  • Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant, Thimphu
  • Babesa Village Restaurant, Thimphu
  • San Maru Restaurant, Thimphu
  • Champaca Café, Paro
  • Zombala 2 Restaurant, Thimphu
  • Taktsang Cafeteria, Paro
  • Bhutan Kitchen, Thimphu
  • Ambient Café, Thimphu
  • My Kind of Place, Paro
  • Mountain Café, Paro
  • Chh’a Bistro and Bar, Thimphu
  • FnB Restaurant, Thimphu
  • Chimi Lhakhang Restaurant, Punakha
  • Rinchenling Cafeteria, Punakha

These are a few of the most desirable locations in Bhutan for discovering regional and other delicacies from across the world.