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    Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan

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    At a Glance

    • Destination
    • Duration
      12 days
    • Trip Difficulty
      Easy Trip
    • Activities
      City Tour Only
    • Accommodation
      Standard and Luxury Options
    • Meals
      BB plan Nepal & AP plan Bhutan
    • Mx.altitude
    • Vehicle
      Private Luxury Tourist Vehicles and Aeroplane
    • Max. People

    About - Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan

    Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan, is an exquisite journey crafted by Luxury Holidays Nepal to offer travelers a rich blend of natural beauty, ancient history, and vibrant culture. This 12-day tour is designed to provide you with the best of both Nepal and Bhutan, two neighboring countries that, despite their proximity, offer distinct experiences that are unique in their own right.

    Cost Details
    Nepal - Standard Option - USD 849 per person
    Nepal - Deluxe Option - USD 1099 per person
    Nepal - Luxury Option - USD 1399 per person

    Bhutan - 4 Night 5 Days - USD 999 per person
    Kathmandu - Paro -Kathmandu Flight: USD 480 per person

    Starting in the bustling city of Kathmandu, you'll traverse through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Nepal—visiting Chitwan, Pokhara, Sarangkot, and Nagarkot—before jetting off to the mystical kingdom of Bhutan. Our tour encompasses everything from adventurous jungle activities in Chitwan National Park to serene moments watching the sunrise over the Himalayas in Sarangkot. Then we take you to Bhutan, where you will explore the monastic life of Thimpu and hike up to the iconic Tiger's Nest. Each stop is more than just a destination; it's an experience waiting to unfold. Come along for an unforgettable journey that promises to be as enriching as it is exhilarating.

    Highlights of the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan

    The Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan by Luxury Holidays Nepal is a meticulously curated travel experience designed to immerse you in the fascinating cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and ancient traditions of two unique countries. Below are the highlights that make this 12-day journey truly unforgettable.

    Nepal Highlights

    • Kathmandu Sightseeing: Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu Valley, including the iconic Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as the "Monkey Temple."

    • Chitwan National Park: Dive into a day of thrilling jungle activities, from elephant safaris to birdwatching, all while staying in luxurious lodges close to nature.

    • Pokhara Exploration: Visit natural wonders like Phewa Lake, Devi's Fall, and Gupteshwor Cave in Pokhara, one of Nepal's most picturesque cities.

    • Sarangkot Sunrise: Experience a mesmerizing sunrise over the majestic Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges from Sarangkot.

    • Nagarkot Panorama: End your Nepal tour by soaking in panoramic views of the Himalayas, including Mt. Everest, from Nagarkot.

    Bhutan Highlights

    • Thimpu City Tour: Discover the blend of modernity and tradition in Bhutan's capital, with visits to Tashichho Dzong and the National Memorial Chorten.

    • Punakha Excursion: Explore the beautiful Punakha Dzong, situated at the confluence of the Mo Chhu and Po Chhu rivers, embodying the tranquility of the area.

    • Paro Exploration: Stroll through the historic town of Paro, a valley town rich with sacred sites and historical buildings.

    • Tiger’s Nest Hike: A once-in-a-lifetime hike to the Taktsang Monastery, also known as the Tiger’s Nest, perched on a cliff 900 meters above Paro Valley.

    Additional Highlights

    • Cultural Immersion: Whether it's enjoying a traditional Nepali dinner accompanied by cultural dances or learning about Bhutanese monastic life, the tour offers numerous cultural experiences.

    • Luxury Accommodations: Enjoy a range of accommodation options from 3-star to 5-star hotels, ensuring your comfort throughout the journey.

    • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of professional, English-speaking guides who will enrich your understanding of the sites and stories of Nepal and Bhutan.

    Join us on this enriching Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan, where every day promises a new adventure and a deeper understanding of these beautiful Himalayan nations.

    Features of the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan

    Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan with Luxury Holidays Nepal means you'll enjoy a wealth of features meticulously planned to enhance your travel experience. Our comprehensive package focuses on delivering quality, comfort, and a true representation of the cultural richness and natural beauty of these two Himalayan gems. Here are some of the standout features of this 12-day journey:

    Multi-Country Experience

    Embark on an extraordinary journey through the heart of the Himalayas with Luxury Holidays Nepal's Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan. This unique multi-country experience is designed to immerse you in the diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and ancient traditions of two fascinating nations. Over the span of 12 enriching days, you will explore iconic destinations, take part in immersive activities, and come face-to-face with the warm and resilient people who call these places home.

    Why Choose a Multi-Country Experience?

    Opting for a multi-country tour offers a more complex, nuanced understanding of the region, its people, and its cultures. Though Nepal and Bhutan share a geographical proximity and some common cultural elements, each nation is distinct in its history, lifestyle, and beliefs. The Golden Triangle Tour allows you to:

    • Compare and Contrast: Experience the bustling streets of Kathmandu and the serene monastic life of Thimpu, noticing how each place has its own rhythm and pace.

    • Cultural Richness: Celebrate the diversity of traditions, from the Hindu rituals of Nepal to the unique Buddhist practices in Bhutan.

    • Spectacular Landscapes: From the jungles of Chitwan and the lakes of Pokhara to the cliffside monasteries in Bhutan, experience the varied geography of two countries in one trip.

    • In-Depth Exploration: Beyond surface-level tourism, you'll get to delve deeper into each country's unique characteristics, thanks to expert guides and well-thought-out itineraries.

    By offering a curated mix of adventure, relaxation, cultural immersion, and natural beauty, the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan ensures that travelers enjoy a holistic experience, taking home memories and understandings that last a lifetime. 

    Expertly Guided Tours

    The Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan with Luxury Holidays Nepal ensures that your journey is more than just sightseeing; it's a deep dive into the history, culture, and landscapes of these two mesmerizing countries. Central to this enriching experience are our expertly guided tours, designed to bring every destination to life in a way that is informative, engaging, and memorable.

    Why Expertly Guided Tours?

    • Deep Insights: Our guides possess a profound understanding of the local culture, history, and traditions. This knowledge transforms each site you visit from a mere spectacle into a narrative-rich experience.

    • Localized Knowledge: Beyond historical facts, our guides offer localized knowledge about the best places to dine, shop, and relax. This insider information can greatly enhance the quality of your trip.

    • Safety and Security: Especially in regions with challenging terrains or strict cultural customs, having a guide ensures that you’re always on the right path, both literally and figuratively.

    • Personalized Experience: Our guides are adept at tailoring their tours to the interests of the group. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or someone looking for spiritual insights, our guides adjust their narratives to cater to your interests.

    Features of Our Guided Tours

    • Language Proficiency: All our guides are fluent English speakers, ensuring clear communication. This is crucial when diving into complex historical or cultural topics.

    • Professionalism: Punctuality, respect, and a deep sense of responsibility are hallmarks of our guides. They are trained to prioritize your comfort and safety above all else.

    • Interactive Engagement: Rather than a one-way flow of information, our guides encourage questions, discussions, and interactions, ensuring a dynamic and engaging tour experience.

    • Flexibility: While our guides stick to the itinerary to ensure you don’t miss any highlights, there's flexibility built in for spontaneous detours, photo stops, or breaks as needed.

    • Cultural Sensitivity: Our guides ensure you're aware of local customs and traditions, especially in places of worship or traditional villages. This ensures respect for local norms and enhances mutual understanding.

    By offering expertly guided tours in our Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan, we promise an immersive experience that goes beyond the surface. With our guides by your side, every monument has a story, every landscape a legend, and every tradition a tale. So, come join us and witness the magic of Nepal and Bhutan through the eyes of those who know them best.

    Range of Accommodation Options

    We understand that accommodation plays a pivotal role in shaping your overall travel experience. That's why our Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan offers a range of carefully selected accommodation options, allowing you to tailor your stay according to your comfort and budget. With choices ranging from standard to deluxe and luxury, we ensure that every traveler finds a suitable home-away-from-home while exploring these fascinating countries.

    Why a Range of Accommodation Options?

    • Personalized Comfort: Different travelers have different needs and preferences when it comes to lodging. Offering a range of options allows you to pick what suits you best, whether it's a cozy 3-star room or a luxurious 5-star suite.

    • Budget Flexibility: We want to make this dream trip accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. By offering multiple tiers of accommodation, we cater to a broader range of financial plans.

    • Experience Variety: Staying in different types of hotels or resorts can itself be an experience. Whether it's the rustic charm of a local guesthouse or the lavish amenities of a luxury resort, varied accommodations add different flavors to your journey.

    Features of Our Accommodation Options

    • Quality Assured: Whether you choose standard, deluxe, or luxury, all our accommodations meet strict quality standards. Expect clean, comfortable, and well-maintained rooms at every stop.

    • Strategic Locations: Our selected hotels and resorts are situated in convenient locations, be it close to a major tourist attraction or an airport, making your sightseeing tours more time-efficient.

    • Cultural Ambiance: We opt for properties that reflect the local culture and architecture, allowing you to immerse yourself in the destination even when you're indoors.

    • Modern Amenities: From Wi-Fi to room service and spa facilities, our accommodations offer a range of modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

    • Friendly Staff: Warm hospitality is a hallmark of all our chosen accommodations. The friendly staff goes above and beyond to meet your needs and ensure your stay is pleasant.

    When you book the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan with Luxury Holidays Nepal, rest assured that your comfort is our priority. The range of accommodation options is designed to give you the freedom to enjoy your trip your way, without compromising on quality or experience. So go ahead, pick the option that suits you best, and let us take care of the rest!

    Convenient Transportation

    Transportation is often an overlooked aspect of travel planning, yet it plays a crucial role in determining the overall quality of your trip. We pay meticulous attention to this detail to ensure your Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan is as smooth as it is memorable. Our transportation options are designed to provide maximum convenience, letting you focus on enjoying the journey rather than worrying about the logistics.

    Why Convenient Transportation Matters

    • Time Efficiency: Reliable and well-planned transportation saves you time, allowing for more leisurely exploration or relaxation at each destination.

    • Comfort: Long journeys can be tiring. Comfortable transport options can make the difference between arriving at your next destination exhausted or refreshed.

    • Safety: Quality transportation also means a focus on safety. Well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers ensure that you are in good hands throughout your trip.

    • Stress-Free Travel: Especially in foreign countries, navigation and transportation can be challenging. Having these details handled by experts takes the stress out of travel.

    Features of Our Convenient Transportation

    • Private Vehicles: We provide private vehicles for all ground transport, including airport transfers and sightseeing tours. This ensures you can travel at your own pace, making impromptu stops if something catches your eye.

    • Domestic Flights: Internal flights between Kathmandu and Chitwan and between Pokhara and Kathmandu are included in the package, saving you the time and hassle of long overland journeys.

    • Experienced Drivers: Our drivers are experienced and well-versed with local terrains, ensuring not just safety but also optimum routes to reduce travel times.

    • Seamless Transitions: We coordinate closely to ensure that your ground transportation is perfectly synced with your flights, tours, and activities, making the transitions throughout your trip seamless.

    • Local Guides: In addition to drivers, you'll often be accompanied by local guides during your road journeys, turning what could be mere transit times into informative and enjoyable experiences.

    Our goal is to make every aspect of your Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan convenient and enjoyable. With our transportation services, we promise you not just a way to get from point A to B, but a journey that is an integral part of your memorable holiday.

    Exclusive Sightseeing

    When it comes to experiencing the true essence of Nepal and Bhutan, sightseeing plays a pivotal role. That's why at Luxury Holidays Nepal, we've curated exclusive sightseeing activities as part of our Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan. Our itinerary goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring you experience the unique attributes of each destination—be it the historic architecture, natural wonders, or local culture.

    Why Exclusive Sightseeing?

    • Unique Perspectives: Our sightseeing tours are carefully planned to provide unique vantage points that many tourists may miss. Whether it's a lesser-known viewpoint for sunrise in Sarangkot or a hidden gem in Bhutan's Thimpu, we offer an exclusive lens into these captivating destinations.

    • Depth of Experience: We strive to provide more than just visual feasts. Our sightseeing activities are designed to offer depth, be it through historical context, cultural interaction, or engagement with local ecosystems.

    • Curated Itinerary: Every sightseeing activity in the itinerary is hand-picked to offer a balanced experience that captures the essence of each destination, from its history and culture to its natural beauty.

    Features of Our Exclusive Sightseeing

    • Expert Guidance: Each sightseeing tour is led by knowledgeable local guides who offer invaluable insights into the history, significance, and local lore of each destination.

    • Private Tours: To ensure a more personalized and fulfilling experience, all sightseeing tours are conducted in private vehicles, allowing you the flexibility to explore at your own pace.

    • All-Inclusive: Entrance fees for all sightseeing spots are included in the package, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    • Interactive: Our guides encourage interaction and questions, turning each sightseeing tour into a dynamic, two-way learning experience.

    • Authentic Experiences: Whether it's a traditional dance performance in Kathmandu or a visit to a local Bhutanese village, our sightseeing tours are peppered with authentic experiences that bring you closer to the local culture.

    Sightseeing with Luxury Holidays Nepal's Golden Triangle Tour is not just about ticking off tourist attractions. It’s about delving into the unique stories, traditions, and natural wonders that make Nepal and Bhutan so captivating. Through our exclusive sightseeing experiences, we aim to provide you with not just a trip, but a collection of unforgettable moments that will enrich your understanding of these beautiful countries.

    Cultural Engagement

    We believe that true travel goes beyond sightseeing; it should be a deep, transformative engagement with local cultures and traditions. That's precisely what we aim to offer in our Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan. In addition to exploring the iconic landmarks and natural wonders of these two countries, our itinerary also includes a variety of cultural experiences designed to enrich your understanding and appreciation of the local ways of life.

    Why Cultural Engagement?

    • Deep Understanding: Cultural activities offer insights into the heart and soul of a place, providing depth to your travel experience that sightseeing alone cannot offer.

    • Authentic Experiences: From traditional Nepali dinners to Bhutanese village tours, these activities are not staged for tourists but are authentic experiences that allow for genuine interaction.

    • Memorable Moments: Often, it's these cultural engagements—like participating in a local dance or tasting a home-cooked meal—that become the most cherished memories of your trip.

    Features of Our Cultural Engagement

    • Traditional Farewells: End your time in Nepal with a memorable farewell dinner featuring traditional Nepali food and cultural dance performances, offering you a taste of the rich local culture.

    • Monastic Life in Bhutan: Get an insider’s look into the spiritual life of Bhutan with guided visits to active monasteries, where you can observe rituals and interact with monks.

    • Local Crafts: Visit artisan workshops or traditional markets in both Nepal and Bhutan, where you can witness local craftsmanship and perhaps pick up a meaningful souvenir.

    • Community Visits: Engage with local communities, be it a village in Bhutan or a traditional community in Nepal, to understand their way of life, traditions, and customs.

    • Interactive Cooking: In select locations, take part in cooking classes where you can learn to prepare local dishes, an experience that you can take home with you.

    • Storytelling Sessions: Our guides are not just experts in history and geography but are also skilled storytellers who can share local legends, folklore, and cultural narratives that enrich your understanding of the places you visit.

    Cultural engagement in the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan is not an optional extra; it’s an integral part of the journey. Through these carefully curated experiences, we aim to offer you a comprehensive view of the countries you visit, turning your trip into a tapestry of unforgettable encounters and learnings. Come explore Nepal and Bhutan from the inside out, and return home with stories and insights as beautiful as the landscapes you visit.

    Peace of Mind

    We recognize that true luxury in travel often comes from an intangible yet invaluable component: peace of mind. When embarking on a journey, especially one that takes you across two countries with diverse cultures like Nepal and Bhutan, knowing that every detail is taken care of can make all the difference. Our Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan is designed to offer precisely this—a hassle-free, seamlessly executed experience that lets you focus entirely on the joy of discovery.

    Why Peace of Mind Matters?

    • Stress-Free Experience: Travel, especially international, can be fraught with uncertainties, from visa processes to transport coordination. When these details are managed expertly, you can truly relax and immerse in the experience.

    • Safety and Security: Especially in unfamiliar terrains or cultural settings, knowing that you're in safe hands, be it the transportation used or accommodations chosen, is paramount.

    • Maximized Enjoyment: When the logistics and intricacies of travel are handled for you, you can fully engage with the destinations, deriving the maximum pleasure and enrichment from your journey.

    Features Ensuring Peace of Mind

    • Support: Our team is available around the clock to assist with any queries, concerns, or requirements you might have, ensuring a smooth journey from start to finish.

    • Expert Coordination: We manage all the complexities of a multi-country tour, from coordinating inter-country flights to ensuring timely hotel check-ins, ensuring seamless transitions throughout your trip.

    • Safe and Reliable Transportation: All vehicles used are well-maintained, and drivers are vetted for experience and professionalism, ensuring safe journeys across both Nepal and Bhutan.

    • Quality Accommodations: All accommodations, regardless of the chosen tier, are pre-checked for safety, hygiene, and service standards.

    • Comprehensive Pre-Trip Briefings: Before you begin your journey, we provide thorough briefings, ensuring you're well-prepared and informed about the itinerary, local customs, and any other essential information.

    Choosing the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan with Luxury Holidays Nepal means choosing serenity. With our meticulous planning, unwavering commitment to quality, and a genuine passion for ensuring our travelers' well-being, we aim to make your journey not just unforgettable but also entirely worry-free. Experience travel with a difference—experience peace of mind with every step.

    Best time for the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan

    The allure of the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan offered by us can be experienced year-round, but each season brings its unique flavors and challenges. Here's a quick rundown to help you decide when the best time is for you to embark on this enchanting journey.

    Spring (March to May)

    Best For:

    • Blossoming flora and clear skies
    • Comfortable trekking temperatures


    • Ideal for outdoor activities like trekking to the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan and watching the sunrise from Sarangkot in Nepal.
    • Spring sees the rhododendron forests of Nepal in full bloom.

    Summer/Monsoon (June to August)

    Best For:

    • Lush landscapes and fewer crowds
    • Cultural engagement


    • While monsoon rains might affect outdoor activities, the landscape is at its most lush and beautiful.
    • Ideal for those looking to immerse in indoor cultural activities like temple and monastery visits.

    Autumn (September to November)

    Best For:

    • Clear mountain views and pleasant weather
    • High-altitude trekking and outdoor activities


    • Considered the best trekking season in both Nepal and Bhutan due to stable weather and clear skies.
    • Festivals like Dashain and Tihar in Nepal offer a rich cultural experience.

    Winter (December to February)

    Best For:

    • Unobstructed mountain views and fewer crowds
    • Quiet, peaceful travel experience


    • While the chill might be intense, especially in high-altitude areas, winter provides crystal-clear views of the Himalayas.
    • It’s a perfect time for those looking for a more tranquil, less crowded experience.

    Choosing the right season for your Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan depends on your preferences for activities, scenery, and weather conditions. Each season has its own pros and cons, but rest assured that Luxury Holidays Nepal has the expertise to offer a fulfilling experience no matter when you choose to travel.

    Important notes on the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan

    Taking part in the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan is an exciting endeavor, but it's essential to be well-prepared to make the most out of your trip. Luxury Holidays Nepal has compiled a list of important notes to consider for a smooth journey.

    Visa Requirements

    • Nepal: Visa-on-arrival is available for most nationalities at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Ensure your passport has at least six months' validity.
    • Bhutan: Visas must be pre-arranged through a tour operator. We will handle all your visa arrangements, but you'll need to provide the necessary documents well in advance.

    Health Precautions

    • Consult your physician about vaccinations and any prescription medications you may need.
    • Both countries are generally safe in terms of food and water, but it's always good to take precautions like using hand sanitizers and drinking bottled or purified water.

    Packing Tips

    • This tour involves various activities from jungle safaris to hiking; pack accordingly.
    • Include both light and warm clothing due to varying climates.
    • Don't forget essentials like good walking shoes, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

    Cultural Sensitivities

    • Both Nepal and Bhutan have their own set of social etiquette and dress codes, especially in religious places. Your guides will brief you on these, but as a general rule, always dress modestly when visiting temples, monasteries, or other religious sites.


    • Nepal: The Nepalese Rupee (NPR) is the local currency.
    • Bhutan: The Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN) is used, but Indian Rupees are also widely accepted.


    • Wi-Fi is available in most hotels and some cafes in larger cities.
    • SIM cards for mobile connectivity are easily available in Nepal, but mobile connectivity in Bhutan may be less consistent.

    Emergency Contacts: Make a note of emergency numbers including local police and the nearest embassy or consulate.

    Travel Insurance: Comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other contingencies is highly recommended.

    Booking and Payments: Given the complexity of this multi-country tour, early booking is advised to secure flight bookings and hotel reservations.

    Taking these considerations into account will help ensure that your Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Our team at Luxury Holidays Nepal is dedicated to providing you with all the resources and support you need for an unforgettable journey.

    If you need any further information, please contact us by email: [email protected], Phone: +977- 985 100 5129 (WhatsApp)

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    Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan Itinerary

    Is The Offered Itinerary Not Suitable For You?

    Looking for a customized itinerary? Reach out to our experts.

    Costomize Trip


    What's Included

      All ground transport in a private vehicle, including airport and hotel transfers
      Standard Option: Accommodation in 3-Star Hotel Kathmandu (Hotel Holy Himalaya or Similar), in Chitwan (Hotel Parkland or similar), Pokhara (Hotel Lake Star or Similar Category), Nagarkot (Hotel Himalayan Villa) and Sarangkot (Himalayan Front) on a twin/double sharing bed and breakfast basis.
      Deluxe Option: Accommodation in 4-Star Hotel Kathmandu (Hotel Mulberry or Similar), in Chitwan (Green Park Resort or similar), Pokhara (Mount Kailash Resort or Similar Category), Nagarkot (Hotel Country Villa) and Sarangkot (Himalayan Front) on a twin/double sharing bed and breakfast basis.
      Luxury Option: Accommodation in 5-Star Hotel Kathmandu (Kathmandu Marriott Hotel or similar), in Chitwan (Kasara Jungle Resort or similar), Pokhara (Temple Tree Resort or Similar Category), Nagarkot (Club Himalaya by ACE Hotels) and Sarangkot (Hotel Annapurna View Sarangkot) on a twin/double sharing bed and breakfast basis.
      Accommodation in 3-star hotels in Thimpu (Hotel Amodhara or Namseling Boutique Hotel), in Punakha (Hotel Pema Karpo or Hotel Vara), and in Paro (Mandala Resort or Tenzinling Resort) on a twin/double sharing basis.
      Full board meal plan in Chitwan and Bhutan with all Jungle activities.
      City sightseeing and entrance fees with a Bhutanese Visa
      Fly from Kathmandu - Chitwan and Pokhara - Kathmandu, as per itinerary.
    • GUIDE:
      An experienced, helpful, and friendly English-speaking Guide
      Farewell dinner in Kathmandu in a typical Nepali restaurant with a cultural dance performance in the evening.
      Mineral drinking water during the tour
      All government taxes and official expenses.

    What's Excluded

      International flight airfare (from and to Paro) Please contact us at [email protected] to book a Bhutan flight.
      Travel Insurance (for trip cancellation, interruption, medical treatment, repatriation, etc.)
      Telephone Calls, Internet, laundry, soft drinks, beers, and any Alcoholic beverages.
    • FILMING:
      Special Filming, Camera, and Drone permit fee.
      Please contact us
    • Group and Family Discounts
      Please contact us or send us an email at [email protected]
    • TIPS:
      Tips for the guide & driver. (Tipping is Expected).
    • EXTRA:
      Any other services, activities or personal expenses, which are not mentioned in the itinerary and other items not listed in the “Cost Includes” section.

    Introduction of Bhutan  Before You Plan a Bhutan Trip  While You are in Bhutan  Before Traveling Bhutan

    Dates & Availability

    • D
      - Excellent
      Ms. Daisy Phillips
      Canada, Quebec City

      Adventure, Culture, and Comfort

      The Golden Triangle Tour was an incredible journey. It was a perfect mix of adventure, cultural immersion, and comfort. Luxury Holidays Nepal's attention to detail made every moment of the trip enjoyable and stress-free.

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    • A
      - Excellent
      Mr. Arthur Scott
      Canada, Toronto

      Exquisite Adventure in the Himalayas

      Exploring Nepal and Bhutan with Luxury Holidays Nepal was an adventure of a lifetime. The majestic Himalayas and the rich cultural heritage were awe-inspiring. The luxury accommodations provided a perfect respite after days filled with exploration.

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    • F
      - Excellent
      Mr. Finley Campbell
      Australia, Sydney

      Seamless Blend of Adventure and Luxury

      Luxury Holidays Nepal curated a perfect blend of adventure and luxury. The breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas, combined with the rich cultural experiences, was beyond amazing. The luxury accommodations were the icing on the cake.

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    Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan FAQs

    Got a question about Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan?

    Reach out to our travel experts.

    Ask a Question

    Essential Information


    The Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan requires careful planning, especially when it comes to visas. Each country has its own set of visa requirements and procedures. Here's a brief overview:


    • Visa on Arrival: Most nationalities can obtain a visa upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from your date of arrival.

    • Documents: A completed visa application form, two passport-sized photos, and visa fees in USD are usually required for the visa-on-arrival process.

    • Duration: Tourist visas are generally available for 15, 30, or 90 days.

    • Extensions: If you plan to extend your stay in Nepal, it is possible to do so at the Department of Immigration in Kathmandu.

    • Online Application: An online pre-application can speed up the process upon arrival, though this is not mandatory.


    • Pre-Arranged Visa: Bhutan requires all tourists to obtain a visa before arrival, which must be processed through an authorized tour operator, like Luxury Holidays Nepal.

    • Documents: A scan of your passport is typically required to begin the visa process. The actual visa will be endorsed upon your arrival in Paro, Bhutan.

    • Duration: The visa duration matches the length of your confirmed itinerary in Bhutan.

    • Cost: The visa fee is usually included in your tour package cost, and we will handle all the logistics for you.

    • Approval: Once the visa is approved, you'll receive a visa clearance letter, which you must present at the check-in for your flight to Bhutan and upon arrival at immigration.

    Important Notes

    • Ensure Timely Submission: Both countries require specific documents for visa approval. Make sure you submit all required documents well ahead of your planned departure date to allow time for processing.

    • Check for Exclusions: While most nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival in Nepal and a pre-arranged visa for Bhutan, there may be exceptions based on your nationality. Check the latest advisories and regulations.

    We ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience as you explore the mesmerizing landscapes and rich cultures of Nepal and Bhutan.


    The Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan offered by Luxury Holidays Nepal not only takes you through the incredible landscapes and rich cultures of these two Himalayan nations but also presents a culinary journey that is as diverse and delightful as the destinations themselves. Here's a glimpse into the gastronomic adventures that await you:

    Foods in Nepal

    • Dal Bhat: A traditional meal that includes steamed rice and lentil soup, served with vegetable curries, and chutney, and might also include meat curries or fried fish.

    • Momo: Nepali-style dumplings that are filled with either meat or vegetables.

    • Thukpa: A noodle soup that originated from Tibet but is quite popular in Nepal as well. It contains meat or vegetables, and noodles, and is commonly flavored with green chili sauce.

    • Newari Cuisine: Native to the Kathmandu Valley, this cuisine offers a variety of unique dishes like Bara (fried lentil cakes) and Sukuti (dried meat).

    • Local Drinks: Don't forget to try Raksi, a traditional distilled alcoholic beverage, and Chiya, a spiced Nepali tea.

    Foods in Bhutan

    • Ema Datshi: This is Bhutan's national dish, comprising chili peppers and cheese.

    • Phaksha Paa: Pork cooked with spicy red chilies, either dried or fresh.

    • Jasha Maru: A spicy chicken dish commonly served with red rice.

    • Suja: Also known as butter tea, it's a blend of tea leaves, water, salt, and yak butter.

    • Ara: A traditional alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, maize, millet, or barley.

    Embarking on this tour means your palate is in for as much of an adventure as your spirit. Whether you're tasting the spicy richness of Bhutanese dishes or the diverse flavors of Nepali cuisine, food becomes an integral part of your travel experience, offering yet another lens through which to appreciate the uniqueness of each country.

    Transportation on Journey

    One of the cornerstones of a seamless travel experience is efficient, comfortable, and reliable transportation, especially in a multi-country itinerary like the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan. We take every measure to ensure that your journey between and within these two fascinating countries is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

    Modes of Transportation

    • Air Travel: The tour package includes domestic flights between Kathmandu and Chitwan, as well as Pokhara and Kathmandu, to save you time and offer a birds-eye view of the region. The international leg between Nepal and Bhutan is also by air, connecting Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu to Paro International Airport in Bhutan.

    • Private Vehicles: All ground transport, including airport transfers and city tours, is conducted in private vehicles. These range from luxury sedans and SUVs to minivans, depending on the size of the travel group.

    • Special Modes: Certain parts of the tour, such as the journey to the Chitwan National Park or the ascent to Sarangkot for the sunrise view, may include special modes of transportation like jeeps or local boats, adding a sense of adventure to your trip.

    Features of Our Transportation

    • Comfort: All vehicles are well-maintained and equipped with air-conditioning and comfortable seating to ensure a pleasant journey.

    • Reliability: Our drivers are experienced and well-versed in local terrains, ensuring a smooth and safe trip.

    • Flexibility: The benefit of private vehicles is that you can request stops along the way, whether to take photos, grab a snack, or simply stretch your legs.

    • Timeliness: Keeping to the schedule is crucial in a packed itinerary like this. Our team ensures timely pickups and drop-offs so you can make the most out of your day.

    • Luggage Assistance: Our staff assists with luggage loading and unloading, making transitions between destinations as effortless as possible.

    • Safety Measures: Given the ongoing health concerns, all vehicles are regularly sanitized, and drivers follow recommended health guidelines to ensure your well-being.

    By prioritizing your comfort, safety, and time, Luxury Holidays Nepal aims to elevate your Golden Triangle Tour experience to the highest standards. Rest assured that from the moment you land to the second you depart, every leg of your journey will be handled with utmost professionalism and care, allowing you to focus solely on the incredible experiences that await you.

    Group Leader during the journey

    Having a knowledgeable and experienced group leader is invaluable, especially for a multi-faceted trip like the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan. We recognize this and therefore ensure that each group is led by an expert guide who will not only navigate the logistical intricacies but also enrich your travel experience.

    Roles of the Group Leader

    • Orientation & Briefing: The group leader provides comprehensive briefings at the start of the tour and at various key points, outlining the day’s activities, what to expect, and important cultural or safety guidelines.

    • Coordination: They ensure smooth transitions between various modes of transportation, timely hotel check-ins, and coordinate with local guides and service providers.

    • Information & Education: The leader offers insightful information about historical sites, cultural practices, and local traditions, transforming a beautiful view or an ancient monument into an educational experience.

    • Troubleshooting: Should any issues arise—be it health concerns or logistical hiccups—the group leader is trained to provide immediate solutions.

    • Personal Attention: Though part of their role is logistical, the leader is also there to ensure each member of the group has a fulfilling personal experience, catering to individual needs and questions as much as possible.

    Qualities of Our Group Leaders

    • Knowledgeable: Our guides are experts in local culture, history, and geography, often with formal training in these subjects.

    • Experienced: We choose leaders who have extensive experience in leading groups, are well-versed in crisis management, and are trained in first aid.

    • Fluent in English: Language should not be a barrier on your trip; hence, our leaders are fluent in English and often other major languages.

    • Local Insights: Being local themselves, our leaders offer unique perspectives and hidden insights that you wouldn't find in a guidebook.

    • Friendly & Approachable: Above all, our leaders are warm, personable, and easily approachable, making you feel comfortable and well taken care of at all times.

    • Health & Safety Trained: Given the current global scenario, our leaders are also briefed and trained in health and safety guidelines, ensuring your well-being throughout the journey.

    With a Luxury Holidays Nepal group leader by your side, you can rest easy knowing that you're in capable and caring hands. Not only do they take care of logistical details, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the trip, but they also become your go-to source for any questions, concerns, or curiosities you may have, greatly enhancing your travel experience on the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan. 

    Internet and SIM card for the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan

    Staying connected while traveling is often essential, whether it's to share your experiences with loved ones, navigate new places, or keep up with work commitments. In our Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan, we ensure that you have ample opportunities to remain connected. Here’s a quick guide on internet and SIM card usage in both countries:

    Internet Access

    • Nepal: Wi-Fi is widely available in hotels, guesthouses, and cafes, particularly in major cities like Kathmandu, and Pokhara, and even in Chitwan's luxury resorts. The speed and reliability may vary.

    • Bhutan: Most hotels in Thimpu, Punakha, and Paro offer Wi-Fi services, though the connectivity might be slower compared to what you're used to.

    • Remote Areas: In places like Sarangkot and Nagarkot in Nepal or more secluded spots in Bhutan, internet connectivity might be limited or incur extra charges.

    SIM Cards

    • Nepal: SIM cards from providers like NTC (Nepal Telecom) or Ncell are readily available at Tribhuvan International Airport or local stores. These SIM cards offer good coverage and data packages.

    • Bhutan: B-Mobile and TashiCell are the primary telecom providers. SIM cards can be purchased at Paro International Airport or local stores after providing identification (usually a passport copy is sufficient).

    Important Tips

    • Prepaid Plans: Opt for prepaid plans as they are usually simpler to understand and top up. They come with various options, including data-only plans, call and text bundles, or a combination of both.

    • Network Compatibility: Ensure that your phone is compatible with the local networks (mostly GSM) and unlocked to accept foreign SIM cards.

    • Local Guidance: Your group leader will provide guidance on the best practices for SIM card purchase and data plans, tailored to your needs and itinerary.
    • Emergency Connectivity: It’s also a good idea to inform your group leader if you will be entirely dependent on internet-based communication for any urgent matters so that they can plan accordingly.

    Staying connected in Nepal and Bhutan is relatively straightforward, thanks to widespread network coverage in key areas and the availability of affordable local SIM cards. With Luxury Holidays Nepal taking care of the logistics, you can focus on making the most out of your trip while staying connected to the world.


    Navigating through currency matters is an essential aspect of any international trip. For travelers embarking on the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan with Luxury Holidays Nepal, here's a concise guide to the currencies used in both countries:


    Currency: Nepalese Rupee (NPR or Rs)

    Notes and Coins:

    • Banknotes: Rs. 5, Rs. 10, Rs. 20, Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 500, and Rs. 1000.
    • Coins: Usually Rs. 1, Rs. 2, and Rs. 5.


    • Currency can be exchanged at Tribhuwan International Airport, banks, or authorized money exchange counters in major cities.
    • It's advisable to keep some small denominations for local purchases.


    • Available in major cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara.
    • Most ATMs accept international cards, but a transaction fee might be applicable.

    Card Payments: Major hotels, and restaurants, in cities accept credit cards. In remote or less touristy areas, cash is usually preferred.


    Currency: Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN or Nu.)

    Notes and Coins:

    • Banknotes: Nu. 1, Nu. 5, Nu. 10, Nu. 20, Nu. 50, Nu. 100, Nu. 500, and Nu. 1000.
    • Coins: Commonly Nu. 1, and then smaller denominations called chetrums.


    • Currency can be exchanged at Paro International Airport, banks, or authorized exchange counters.
    • Interestingly, the Indian Rupee (INR) is also accepted in Bhutan, but notes of INR 500 and above might be less widely accepted.


    • Available in major towns like Thimphu and Paro.
    • It's recommended to carry sufficient cash, especially when traveling to remote areas.

    Card Payments:

    • Some hotels and bigger shops in major towns accept credit cards. Visa and MasterCard are the most commonly accepted.
    • It's always a good idea to carry enough cash, especially when exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations.


    • Always carry some local currency for small expenses, tips, or places where cards aren't accepted.
    • While both countries offer favorable exchange rates, it might be slightly better at local banks or exchange counters than at airports.
    • Always keep a small amount of USD or EUR as they are universally accepted and can be exchanged easily in case of emergencies.

    While both Nepal and Bhutan have progressed in terms of electronic transactions, it's advisable to blend your payment methods, relying on both cash and cards, for a seamless travel experience.

    Altitude Variation on the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan

    Understanding the altitude variation is crucial for any trip to the Himalayan region, as it plays a vital role in acclimatization and the overall experience of the traveler. Here is a brief overview of the altitude variation during the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan:


    • Kathmandu: Nepal's capital city sits at an elevation of approximately 1,400 meters (4,593 feet) above sea level. Being a valley, it offers a moderate altitude which is comfortable for most travelers.

    • Chitwan: Located in the Terai plains of Nepal, Chitwan's altitude is around 100 meters (328 feet) above sea level. It's a lowland area.

    • Pokhara: This serene lakeside city lies at an elevation of about 830 meters (2,723 feet) above sea level.

    • Sarangkot: Popular for its sunrise views, Sarangkot is situated at an altitude of approximately 1,600 meters (5,249 feet).

    • Nagarkot: Known for its panoramic Himalayan views, Nagarkot stands at an elevation of around 2,175 meters (7,136 feet).


    • Paro: This picturesque town, home to the famous Tiger's Nest Monastery, is located at an altitude of about 2,200 meters (7,218 feet).

    • Thimphu: The capital city of Bhutan lies at an elevation of approximately 2,334 meters (7,657 feet).

    • Punakha: Situated at a lower altitude than Thimphu, Punakha stands at around 1,200 meters (3,937 feet).


    • While most of the destinations in this tour are at moderate altitudes and don't pose significant risks for altitude sickness, it's always good to be aware of the symptoms and inform your guide or seek medical attention if any arise.

    • Proper hydration and avoiding strenuous activities during the initial days can aid in better acclimatization.

    • If you're planning to extend your trip with higher-altitude treks or destinations, it's essential to consider additional days for acclimatization.

    • Travelers with underlying health conditions should consult with their doctors before embarking on the journey.

    The Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan mostly covers regions of moderate altitude. The gradual change in elevation as you progress through the itinerary ensures a comfortable experience for travelers. However, individual reactions to altitude can vary, so always prioritize your well-being and inform your guide or seek assistance if needed.

    Safety on the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan

    Safety is a top priority on any travel itinerary, and it is no different with the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan. At Luxury Holidays Nepal, we are committed to ensuring that your journey is not just enriching and enjoyable but also safe and secure in every way possible. Here’s how we focus on safety:

    Personal Safety

    • Experienced Guides: All our guides are trained in first aid and emergency response. They are well-versed in the local culture and customs to guide you appropriately.

    • Briefings: Before commencing the tour, and at various stages throughout, our guides provide safety briefings to make you aware of what to expect and how to conduct yourself, particularly in unfamiliar or challenging environments.

    • Support: Our support team is available around the clock to assist with any emergencies or queries.

    Health and Medical Safety

    • Medical Precautions: We advise all travelers to consult with healthcare providers for necessary vaccinations and to carry essential medicines.

    • Altitude Concerns: Our itinerary is designed to allow gradual acclimatization, particularly relevant in the mountainous terrains of Nepal and Bhutan.

    Transport Safety

    • Vetted Partners: Whether it’s airlines, private vehicles, or other modes of transport, we ensure they meet the safety standards.

    • Experienced Drivers: All our drivers are experienced and familiar with the routes to ensure safe transportation.

    • Vehicle Safety: Our vehicles are regularly checked and well-maintained to meet safety requirements.

    Activity-Based Safety

    • Equipment Checks: Any gear required for activities like hiking or jungle safaris is checked for safety and quality.

    • Briefings: For any physical activities, safety instructions and briefings are provided to ensure that you are prepared and aware of what the activity entails.

    With Luxury Holidays Nepal, safety is not just a checklist but a foundational aspect of our tour services. We understand that when you feel safe, you can truly relax and engage deeply with the incredible experiences that the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan has to offer. Rest assured that your safety and well-being are in expert hands throughout your journey. 

    Health and Vaccination

    While the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan offers an extraordinary blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, it's essential to take proper health and vaccination measures to ensure a worry-free travel experience. We are committed to supporting your health needs and providing advice on preventive measures. Here's what you should consider:

    General Health Precautions

    • Consult a Doctor: Before embarking on your trip, consult your healthcare provider for a general health check-up and to discuss any pre-existing medical conditions.

    • Travel Insurance: Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers emergency healthcare, including medical evacuation if necessary.

    • First-Aid Kit: Carry basic first-aid supplies, it’s a good idea to bring your own kit tailored to your needs.

    • Water Safety: Drinking tap water is not recommended. Always opt for bottled water, and make sure to check that the seal is intact when purchasing.

    • Food Safety: Stick to well-cooked foods and avoid street food, especially in areas where hygiene levels may be questionable.


    • Routine Vaccines: Make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines like measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, and seasonal flu.

    • Hepatitis A and B: Hepatitis A is recommended for most travelers to Nepal and Bhutan. Hepatitis B is also advisable if you plan to have any medical procedures.

    • Typhoid: Especially recommended if you are going to be trying local foods.

    • Japanese Encephalitis: This may be recommended if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, even for trips shorter than a month.

    • Meningococcal Meningitis: Considered for those who will be in close contact with the local population.

    • Rabies: Recommended for travelers who may come into contact with animals.

    • Yellow Fever: Not a requirement for Nepal and Bhutan but check if you are transiting through a country where yellow fever is prevalent.

    • COVID-19: Make sure to keep abreast of the latest requirements related to COVID-19 vaccinations and testing.

    Altitude Sickness: Since some parts of Nepal and Bhutan are at higher altitudes, altitude sickness can be a concern. Our itineraries are designed to allow gradual acclimatization, but symptoms can vary from person to person. Consult your healthcare provider about medications and preventive measures for altitude sickness.

    Your health and well-being are our utmost priority, and we ensure that all safety and preventive measures are in place so that you can enjoy your Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan to the fullest.

    Insurance for the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan

    Travel insurance is an indispensable aspect of planning an international trip. The Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan, with its diverse activities and varying terrains, necessitates comprehensive insurance coverage. We prioritize your well-being and safety, and while we take every measure to ensure a seamless experience, it's vital to be prepared for unforeseen situations. Here's what you need to know about insurance for the tour:

    Why Insurance is Essential

    • Medical Emergencies: In case of illness or injury, insurance will cover medical expenses, which can be particularly high for tourists in certain areas.

    • Evacuation: Given the mountainous terrains of Nepal and Bhutan, emergency evacuations, possibly by helicopter, can be expensive.

    • Trip Cancellations or Delays: If for any reason you have to cancel your trip or if there are unexpected delays, insurance can help recoup costs.

    • Lost or Damaged Baggage: Replacing lost or damaged items, especially specialized gear, can be costly.

    • Activities Coverage: The tour involves various activities, like hiking, which may require specific insurance coverage.

    Recommendations for Insurance

    • Comprehensive Coverage: Ensure that your insurance covers medical treatment, hospitalization, and emergency evacuation (including helicopter rescue if needed).

    • High Altitude: Some standard insurance policies may not cover issues arising at higher altitudes. Given the mountainous regions involved in the tour, it's crucial to ensure this aspect is covered.

    • Activities: If your tour includes activities like trekking, ensure your policy covers such ventures.

    • Trip Cancellation and Delays: Make sure your policy covers cancellations or delays due to unforeseen circumstances, including personal reasons or external factors like natural disasters.

    • Personal Belongings: Opt for a policy that covers the loss or theft of personal belongings.

    • Duration: Ensure your policy covers the entire duration of your trip, with some buffer days if possible.

    Additional Tips

    • Documentation: Keep both digital and physical copies of your insurance policy, ensuring the policy number and emergency contact details are easily accessible.

    • Understand the Policy: Familiarize yourself with the claim process, and know what documents or proofs are needed.

    Travel insurance provides peace of mind, allowing you to immerse yourself in the incredible experiences the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan offers. By ensuring you're adequately covered, you'll be prepared for any eventuality, making your trip both enjoyable and secure.

    Checklists for the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan

    Preparation is key for a successful and enjoyable Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan. Luxury Holidays Nepal has compiled a comprehensive checklist to ensure that travelers have a smooth experience. Here's what you should consider packing and preparing:

    Essential Documents

    • Passport: Valid for at least six months beyond your date of entry.
    • Tour Tickets and vouchers: Printed copies of your tour booking confirmation.
    • Visas: Pre-arranged visas for both Nepal and Bhutan, if required.
    • Travel Insurance: Hard and digital copies.
    • Passport-sized Photos: For permits or any other documentation purposes.
    • Emergency Contacts: List of essential contacts both locally and at home.


    • Lightweight, breathable clothing: For daytime sightseeing in cities.
    • Warm layers: Fleece jackets, and woolen sweaters for cooler evenings and mornings.
    • Waterproof jacket and pants: Useful during rainy seasons.
    • Sturdy Footwear: Hiking boots if trekking and comfortable walking shoes.
    • Hat and Sunglasses: For sun protection.
    • Gloves, scarves, and woolen hats: For higher altitudes or during winter months.

    Personal Items

    • Backpack: Day-pack for daily excursions.
    • Personal medications: Plus a basic first-aid kit.
    • Water bottle: Refillable, to reduce plastic usage.
    • Toiletries: Including biodegradable soap and hand sanitizer.
    • Sunscreen and insect repellent.
    • Earplugs and eye mask: Useful for city accommodations.
    • Portable Charger and Adapters: Check plug types for Nepal and Bhutan.
    • Camera & Binoculars: With extra batteries or charger.


    • Snacks: Energy bars, dried fruits, or any personal favorites.
    • Local currency: For personal expenses, small vendors, or tips.
    • Notebook or Journal: To document your journey.
    • Guidebooks: With key phrases in Nepali and Dzongkha (Bhutan's official language).
    • Travel pillow and light blanket: For long drives or flights.

    Health and Safety

    • Vaccination Records: If required.
    • Altitude Sickness Pills: Consult with your doctor.
    • Water purification tablets or portable filters.
    • Prescription medications: In their original bottles with clear labels.
    • Sanitary supplies: Masks, wet wipes, and sanitizers.

    Cultural Respect

    • Modest clothing: Especially for visits to monasteries, temples, and dzongs. This includes covering shoulders and knees.
    • Small gifts or souvenirs: From home, to offer to local hosts or new friends.

    Keep in mind that while this checklist is comprehensive, travelers might have individual needs. Always consider personal requirements and preferences. It's always better to be over-prepared than under, but also remember to pack efficiently for comfort during travel. Enjoy the mesmerizing journey of the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan!  

    Trip Extensions/Add-on trips

    For travelers seeking to further enrich their experience after the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan, Luxury Holidays Nepal offers a range of trip extensions and add-on trips. These options provide additional exploration opportunities and allow travelers to delve deeper into the culture, nature, and spirituality of the region. Here are some exciting trip extensions and add-on options:

    In Nepal

    • Everest Base Camp Trek: Embark on the iconic trek to the base camp of the world's tallest mountain, Mt. Everest. Experience the Sherpa culture and witness breathtaking Himalayan vistas.
    • Lumbini Visit: Explore the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Lumbini, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a significant pilgrimage site offering insights into Buddhist history and spirituality.
    • Annapurna Circuit Trek: Traverse through diverse landscapes, from subtropical jungles to alpine regions, on this classic trek around the Annapurna Massif.
    • White-Water Rafting: Experience the thrill of rafting on Nepal's raging rivers, such as the Trishuli and Seti rivers.
    • Bardia National Park: Venture into the wildwest of Nepal for a chance to see the Royal Bengal Tiger and one-horned rhinoceros in their natural habitat.

    In Bhutan

    • Bumthang Cultural Tour: Dive deeper into Bhutanese culture by exploring the beautiful Bumthang Valley, known as the cultural heartland of Bhutan.
    • Phobjikha Valley: Visit this stunning glacial valley, which is also the winter home of the endangered Black-Necked Cranes.
    • Druk Path Trek: Experience Bhutan's natural beauty on this six-day trek between Paro and Thimphu, passing through pristine landscapes and ancient monasteries.
    • Hot Stone Bath & Traditional Bhutanese Massage: Immerse yourself in the traditional Bhutanese wellness practice of hot stone baths followed by a soothing massage.

    Combined Nepal & Tibet

    • Tibet Tour: Expand your Himalayan journey by heading to the 'Roof of the World.' Explore Lhasa, visit the Potala Palace, and experience the unique Tibetan Buddhist culture.
    • Mount Kailash Pilgrimage: For the spiritually inclined, a pilgrimage around the sacred Mount Kailash, believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva, can be a life-altering experience.

    Important Notes

    • Ensure you have the necessary visas and permits for the extensions, especially for Tibet.

    • Consider the altitude and physical demands of treks and adjust your itinerary accordingly.

    Extending your trip allows for a more profound understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures, landscapes, and traditions of the Himalayan region. Whether you're looking for spiritual journeys, cultural immersions, or natural adventures, these extensions promise memories to last a lifetime.


    Tipping is a customary practice in many parts of the world, signifying appreciation for services rendered. While it's not obligatory, it is often expected and appreciated in the tourism sector. For travelers embarking on the Golden Triangle Tour of Nepal and Bhutan with Luxury Holidays Nepal, here's a guideline on tipping, keeping in mind non-cash alternatives:


    • Guides: Instead of cash, consider gifting them a token of appreciation, like a souvenir from your home country or a piece of gear they might find useful (like a headlamp, multitool, etc.).
    • Drivers: If you found the driver's service commendable, gifting items like sunglasses, caps, or scarves could be a thoughtful gesture.


    • Guides: Bhutanese guides, especially those handling treks, appreciate practical gear. A good-quality water bottle, gloves, or even books can be a nice gesture.

    • Drivers: Gifting items like warm socks, a neck gaiter, or even sunglasses can be considered for drivers.

    While the above ideas serve as alternatives to cash tipping, it's essential to gauge the situation. In certain scenarios, cash might still be the most appropriate or expected form of tipping. It's always a good idea to carry a mix of small tokens and some local currency for such situations. Above all, your gesture, be it in cash or kind, should reflect your appreciation and gratitude.

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