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    Bhutanese Cuisine

    Bhutanese cuisine is known for its bold flavors, heavy use of spices, and simple yet hearty ingredients. The food is deeply influenced by the country's geography, climate, and cultural practices, with a strong emphasis on locally sourced and organic ingredients.

    Here are some key aspects and popular dishes of Bhutanese cuisine:

    Staple ingredients

    The staple foods in Bhutanese cuisine are red rice, buckwheat, and maize. Red rice is particularly popular due to its high nutritional value and unique nutty flavor. These grains are usually served with a variety of vegetable and meat dishes.

    Staple Ingredients


    Bhutanese food is characterized by its spiciness, with chili peppers being the most commonly used spice. Other common spices and ingredients include Sichuan peppercorns, garlic, ginger, and turmeric.

    Ema Datshi

    This is the national dish of Bhutan, made with chili peppers and cheese. Ema Datshi is a spicy and flavorful stew that can be prepared with various types of chilies, from mild to extremely hot. It is typically served with red rice.

    Ema Datshi

    Kewa Datshi

    Similar to Ema Datshi, Kewa Datshi is a potato-based dish cooked with cheese and chili peppers. It's a popular vegetarian option and is also served with red rice.

    Phaksha Paa

    This is a traditional pork dish cooked with dried red chilies, vegetables, and spices. It can be made with either fresh or dried pork, and is often slow-cooked to allow the flavors to meld.

    Phaksh Paa

    Jasha Maru

    A spicy chicken curry made with diced chicken, tomatoes, onion, garlic, ginger, and an array of spices. This dish is often served during special occasions and festivals.

    Jasha Maru


    These Tibetan-style dumplings are popular in Bhutan and can be found in various forms, including steamed, fried, or soup. Momos are filled with minced meat (usually chicken or pork), vegetables, cheese, or a combination of these ingredients.

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    Also known as butter tea, Suja is a traditional Bhutanese beverage made from tea leaves, yak butter, water, and salt. It is rich, creamy, and slightly salty, providing warmth and energy in the high-altitude climate.

    Suja Tea


    This is a traditional Bhutanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, barley, or wheat. It is often served during social gatherings and religious ceremonies.

    Vegetarian options

    As a majority-Buddhist country, Bhutan has a strong tradition of vegetarianism. Many Bhutanese dishes can be easily adapted to be vegetarian or are already plant-based, making it an accommodating cuisine for vegetarian travelers.

    When visiting Bhutan, be sure to sample some of these traditional dishes and immerse yourself in the unique flavors of Bhutanese cuisine. Keep in mind that Bhutanese food can be quite spicy, so inform your guide or server about your spice preferences.

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