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    One of the best and most well-liked travel destinations in South Asia is Bhutan. Tourists go there to unwind psychologically and spiritually. The country of Thunder Dragon is less populated, unpolluted, and has peaceful ties between all of its citizens.

    There are many sites to visit in Bhutan's little area where you can enjoy a magnificent experience and an incredibly soothing environment.

    Bhutan Tour

    There are no complicated procedures to go through in order to access Bhutan's wonderland, making it simple to explore the country's grandeur. Here you may find detailed information on Bhutan visas, entry requirements, travel options, lodging options, etc.

    Climate of Bhutan

    Weather, like anywhere else in the world, is unpredictable in Bhutan. Bhutan has the same latitude as Miami & Egypt. During the summer the weather is quite warm and pleasant with occasional rainfall. In general, the higher the altitude, the cooler the weather, and with a cool breeze blowing down off the mountains, even a low-lying valley can become quite chilly. Monsoon seasons start in late June and through late September with heavier rain. The Winter season is incredibly beautiful with occasional snow, clear warm days, and chilly evenings which makes it perfect for hiking and sightseeing, with the mountains and valleys in clear view.

    Weather and Climate in Bhutan

    Southern areas are tropical with plains and hills. Central areas vary depending on the altitude from subtropical to moderate temperate valleys and mid-size mountains (5,000 meters). Northern areas/high altitude alpine climate Punakha is “California-like” with temperatures varying from 5° Celsius to 17° Celsius in winter and summer from 18° Celsius to 32 ° Celsius with a yearly average rainfall of 600mm. Paro & Thimphu has a moderate climate with temperatures of -3/12 in winter to 13/25 degrees in the summer with a yearly average rainfall of 800mm. Summer shower season (July to September) evening rain with long dry periods during the day. The Winter season (November to February) provides clear days and nights with a very comfortable climate.

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    Language on Bhutan

    Bhutan has many regional languages and the National Language is called “Dzongkha”, but English is very common among Bhutanese as well and is spoken fluently by most of Bhutanese. Therefore, it is the second official language and it is the most commonly used means of communication.

    Restaurants and Meals/ Foods in Bhutan

    The local dishes of Bhutan and the cultural/ traditional foods and cuisines are better to experience while in Bhutan. Ema Datshi is the national food of Bhutan while these foods; Kewa Datshi, Shamu Datshi, Shakam Ema Datshi, Shakam Paa, Shakam Shukam Datshi, Phaksha Paa, Juma, Jashu Maru, Mo: Mo, Lom, Hoentay, Khatem, Jaju, Goen Hogay, Khur Le, Puta, Tshampa, etc. are some most popular and famous Bhutanese Dishes. 

    Bhutanese foods

    Remember! Bhutanese people love to make foods spicy and chili. So don’t forget to make less spicy and fewer chili foods if you have no habit of eating spicy chili foods.

    Those all are Bhutanese foods. While you are in Bhutan, you can also order and eat your favorite foods. Continental foods, Chinese, Nepalese, Indian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, and many other popular cuisines are available.

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    Hotels and Accommodation in Bhutan

    Bhutan is a developing country with a small size of population. There are numerous hotels but only a few are offering luxury accommodations, while you have a large choice of 4-star and 3-star hotels. Some international channel hotels have been running luxury Hotels and restaurants in the country. The major cities and towns are offering better qualitative accommodations and meals.

    Accommodation in Bhutan

    Bhutan Visa

    Bhutan always supports sustainable and eco-friendly activities. Tourism in Bhutan means a responsible business and of course one of the major sectors of the Bhutanese economy. To increase the number of tourists arriving and arriving, the Bhutanese government has facilitated the Bhutan Visa easily so everyone simply gets the travel visa. Every immigrant except Indians, Bangladeshis, and Maldivians is required to get a Visa to enter Bhutan.

    To obtain a Bhutan Travel Visa, you must have a pre-booked trip with the licensed Bhutanese tour operators or any national/ international travel agents who are collaborating with those licensed companies. So be careful while booking a trip with any tour operator, be sure whether they are licensed/ working with a licensed company or not.

    Information and documents required for Bhutan Tourist Visa:

    • Your full name
    • Occupation
    • Nationality
    • Passport No
    • Date of issue
    • Date of expiry
    • Place of Issue
    • Date of birth
    • Permanent address
    • A scanned copy of your passport (in JPEG format)

    Bhutan Tourist Visa Fee

    As per the Department of Immigration’s Rules and Regulations, the Bhutanese Visa Fee is US$ 40.

    Bhutan Tourist Visa Extension

    Sometimes you are not enough of the duration you are permitted to stay in somewhere and need to extend the duration. If you are in Bhutan and willing to extend your visa then it is not that hard and costly either. You can easily extend your visa, you have to just tell your travel company they will process it all. The Visa extension fee is Nu. 500; US$ 6.8 approximately (Aug 2020).

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    Currency in Bhutan

    The National Currency of Bhutan is Ngultrum (Nu). Along with the national currency, Bhutan also trades on the United States Dollar( US$) and Indian Currency; Rupees. You can easily exchange your money from the banks and exchange counters licensed and authorized by the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan; The Central Bank of Bhutan.

    Bhutan's Currency

    Banks in Bhutan

    • Bhutan National Bank (BNBL)
    • Bank of Bhutan (BOBL)
    • Druk PNB Bank
    • T Bank Bhutan
    • Bhutan Development Bank

    Currencies that acceptable to Exchange in Bhutan

    • U.S. Dollar
    • Pound Sterling
    • Euro
    • Japanese Yen
    • Swiss Franc
    • Hong Kong Dollar
    • Canadian Dollar
    • Danish Kroner
    • Australian Dollar
    • Swedish Krona
    • Singapore Dollars

    Best Bhutan Tour Packages

    Bhutan is more popular for the tour than any other thing to do. The large number of places to visit and explore and the spectacular experience of natural exploration wrapping the unique cultures is more fascinating. Some of the most popular tour packages for Bhutan are as follows:

    Best Bhutan Tour 4 Days

    A Seven-Day Majestic Bhutan Tour

    Majestic Bhutan: A Seven-Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

    Bhutan Magical Tour - 5 Days

    Golden Triangle Bhutan Tour - 6 Days

    Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek - 6 Days

    If you are looking for a tour package of Bhutan, please click here.

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