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    Pleasant scenery

    - Excellent
    Ms. Jani Molina
    Australia, Melbourne

    Gokyo lake with Everest Base Camp trek was the best trekking experience of my entire life. The whole trek was outstanding with amazing views of mountains, lakes, beautiful landscapes, forests also pleasant weather. I had never experienced such a pleasant moment in my life earlier. In Everest Base camp I observe the stunning close-up view of the mountains and also observe the way of living style of the people there and it was an amazing moment there. Gokyo Lake was the most beautiful destination I felt. The scenery of the lake is magnificent with blue fresh water there. I had felt the living Heaven there as it was a really very beautiful place, I am in love with Gokyo Lake and its surroundings. I will definitely visit this place again very soon. And I would like to suggest you guys visit this place because it is amazing.