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    Bhutan is really Shangri La on earth

    - Excellent
    Mr. Harper
    United States of America (the), Dallas

    As I am a nature lover and passionate to explore the world, last September, I traveled to Bhutan and my travel partner was Luxury Holidays Nepal who provided me with this beautiful majestic Bhutan Tour package. I told them a few things to manage and they beautifully managed everything as per my terms. Hotels and rooms were as per my interest. I was really impressed with their beautiful work. 

    I heard lots of people calling Bhutan the last Shangri La in heart, but I myself experienced paradise in Bhutan. the beautiful mountain views, amazing valleys, and peaceful monuments were really relaxing and relieved me from my tensions and boring life schedules. the beautiful Dzongs and fortress, praying places, and best of them the Tiger Nest are really so wonderful. 

    If you are traveling to Bhutan for the first time, then Majestic Bhutan Tour organized by Luxury holidays Nepal is really best for you.