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    Possible Scams in Nepal

    Common scams that occur in Nepal, so you can be aware and avoid falling victim to them:

    Trekking Scams

    Some unlicensed or fake trekking companies may overcharge, provide poor services, or even disappear with your money. Always research and book your trekking agency through authorized channels, and make sure they have a valid license.

    Fake Currency

    There have been reports of counterfeit money being circulated in Nepal. Be cautious when receiving large bills and verify their authenticity with a trusted source or bank.

    Fake Currency

    Taxi Scams

    Some taxi drivers may overcharge you, take longer routes to increase the fare, or even drive off with your luggage. Always agree on a fare beforehand, and use taxis from reputable companies or ride-sharing apps.

    ATM Scams

    Card skimming and ATM fraud are prevalent in Nepal. Always cover the keypad when entering your PIN, use ATMs located in secure areas, and check your bank statements regularly for any suspicious transactions.

    ATM Scam

    Charity Scams

    Some individuals may pose as charitable organizations or beggars to scam tourists out of their money. Be cautious when giving money, and consider donating to established charities or organizations.

    Tea Scams

    Tea house owners may offer free tea, but then overcharge for food or lodging, or add hidden fees to the bill. Always confirm the prices beforehand and avoid staying at tea houses with a bad reputation.

    Fake Guides

    Some individuals may pose as licensed guides and offer their services but lack the necessary skills or knowledge. Always hire licensed and authorized guides from reputable agencies.

    Fake charity scams

    Some people may approach you claiming to be from a charity organization and ask for donations. Always do your research before donating and make sure the organization is legitimate.

    Fake Charity Scam

    Remember to always be cautious, use common sense, and trust your instincts. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Stay safe, and enjoy your time in Nepal!

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