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    For adventurers who wish to witness the magnificence of Mount Everest without the strenuous trek, a helicopter tour offers a thrilling solution. This luxurious and time-saving mode of exploration gives you a bird's eye view of Everest and the breathtaking Himalayan range. But, when considering such a venture, it's crucial to be familiar with the top helicopter models and companies that facilitate these tours. We Luxury Holiday Nepal provide the best helicopter for any kind of Helicopter Tour in Nepal. So, let's delve in!

    Here are the name of the companies and helicopter models we use for the Everest Region Helicopter Tour.

    1. Altitude Air

    Founded with a vision to provide reliable commercial air transportation in the challenging terrains of Nepal, Altitude Air plays a pivotal role in connecting remote regions and promoting tourism. Their commitment to safety and precision is noteworthy, making them one of the most sought-after helicopter service providers, especially for those looking to explore the mountainous landscapes.

    Altitude Air - Helicopter

    Helicopter Models - Altitude Air

    One of the standout models in their fleet is the AS350B3e (H-125) Airbus Helicopter. Designed for high-altitude operations and known for its versatility, the AS350B3e ensures passengers have a comfortable and safe journey, even in the most demanding conditions. Whether it's a scenic flight over the Himalayas or a high-altitude rescue mission, this helicopter is equipped to handle it all, ensuring Luxury Holiday Nepal's clients experience the epitome of flying luxury.

    2. Air Dynasty

    With a legacy spanning over two decades, Air Dynasty is one of Nepal's premier helicopter service providers. Their unwavering dedication to safety is at the forefront of their operations, making them a trusted choice for both sightseers and those in urgent need of high-altitude assistance. Whether it's for showcasing the myriad wonders of Nepal to tourists or executing a challenging mountain rescue, Air Dynasty consistently prioritizes both comfort and safety. Their team, comprised of adept professionals, guarantees that every aerial journey in the Himalayan expanse is both enjoyable and secure.

    Air Dynasty Helicopter

    Helicopter Models - Air Dynasty

    Air Dynasty boasts an impressive fleet, ensuring the reliability and comfort that Luxury Holiday Nepal's clientele expects. Their standout models include:

    • 9N ANA (AS350B3e): Renowned for its adaptability and high-altitude performance, this helicopter ensures passengers witness the beauty of the Himalayas with unmatched safety and luxury.

    • 9N ALA (AS350B3e): Another variant of the AS350B3e, it retains the same commitment to passenger safety and viewing pleasure, making it a top pick for scenic flights.

    • 9N-AJD (AS 350 FX II): This model is specifically designed for rigorous operations, providing both comfort and reliability even in the most demanding conditions of the Himalayas.

    • 9N – AFQ (AS 350 FX II): Sharing the attributes of the AS 350 FX II series, this helicopter provides an optimal balance of performance and luxury, ensuring each flight is a memorable experience for passengers.

    3. Kailash Helicopter

    Stepping into the realm of elite aerial services, Kailash Helicopter stands as a symbol of unparalleled commitment to comfort, safety, and top-tier service. Every aspect of their operations, from the immaculate interiors of their helicopters to the warm hospitality of their crew, echoes their determination to uphold the highest of standards. With a diverse portfolio, Kailash Helicopter offers not just scenic views of the mesmerizing Himalayan vistas but also extends their expertise to adventure flights, life-saving rescue missions, adrenaline-pumping heli-skiing, and crucial medical services.

    For clients of Luxury Holiday Nepal seeking an uncompromised helicopter experience, Kailash Helicopter provides an impeccable blend of luxury and reliability.

    Kailash Helicopter

    Helicopter Models - Kailash Helicopter

    Kailash Helicopter boasts an enviable fleet tailored to deliver an optimal balance of safety and extravagance:

    • AIRBUS H125/AS350B3e (Call Sign: 9N AMT): Revered for its high-altitude proficiency and ergonomic design, this model promises a seamless blend of safety and unparalleled views, ensuring passengers are treated to an aerial experience like no other.

    • AIRBUS H125/AS350B3e (Call Sign: 9N AML): Mirroring the exquisite attributes of its counterpart, this helicopter assures every passenger of an invigorating journey through Nepal's skies, ensuring both comfort and safety.

    • AIRBUS H125/AS350B2 (Call Sign: 9N AJJ): With its robust capabilities and plush interiors, this model is adept at catering to diverse needs, be it an adventure-packed flight or a serene aerial tour of the Himalayas.

    4. Simrik Air

    Safety, precision, and unparalleled flying experience define the ethos of Simrik Air. With unwavering adherence to the safety regulations set forth by both the CAAN and the global benchmark of the ICAO, Simrik Air exemplifies excellence in aerial services within Nepal's intricate terrains. For clients journeying with Luxury Holiday Nepal, the offerings of Simrik Air ensure not only breathtaking views but also the assurance of being in the safest hands in the skies.

    Every journey is punctuated with meticulous attention to detail, from pre-flight preparations to ensuring every landing is smooth and every trip remains etched as a cherished memory. The dedication to uplift the aviation standards in Nepal resonates with every flight they embark upon.

    Simrik Air - Helicopter

    Helicopter Models - Simrik Air

    The fleet of Simrik Air is an embodiment of luxury, safety, and top-notch engineering, guaranteeing passengers an experience that's nothing short of extraordinary:

    • AIRBUS H125: A symbol of opulence and high-altitude prowess, the AIRBUS H125 stands as one of the preferred choices for those seeking to blend adventure with luxury. Its design and features cater to the diverse and demanding terrains of Nepal, ensuring passengers revel in awe-inspiring panoramas.

    • BELL 407GXP: Renowned for its advanced avionics, robust performance, and plush interiors, the BELL 407GXP promises an aerial journey that's both exhilarating and cocooned in comfort. Ideal for discerning travelers, this model emphasizes the luxury quotient of helicopter tours.

    With Simrik Air and Luxury Holiday Nepal, passengers are promised a journey that not only showcases Nepal's beauty but also epitomizes the pinnacle of aerial luxury and safety.

    5. Prabhu Helicopter

    When it comes to amalgamating decades of expertise with the pinnacle of aviation luxury, Prabhu Helicopter emerges as a formidable name in the helicopter tour sector of Nepal. Operating as a key segment of the renowned PRABHU GROUP, with a legacy spanning over three decades, they have brought a blend of heritage and modernity to the skies.

    Since its inception in 2015, Prabhu Helicopter has not only excelled in helicopter operations but also etched an indelible mark in customer satisfaction. Their dedication to precision and excellence is further accentuated by their recognition as an authorized Dealer & Service Center by the esteemed Robinson Helicopter Corporation, California, U.S.A. For those choosing to explore Nepal with Luxury Holiday Nepal, Prabhu Helicopter offers a blend of luxury, reliability, and utmost safety.

    Prabhu Helicopter

    Helicopter Models - Prabhu Helicopter

    At the heart of Prabhu Helicopter lies an exemplary fleet that promises not just transportation but an experience:

    • ROBINSON R66: Renowned for its power, agility, and state-of-the-art features, the fleet boasts multiple ROBINSON R66 models, each with its distinct call sign:

      • 9N-AMJ
      • 9N-AJN
      • 9N-ALU
      • 9N ALX
    • AIRBUS H125 (9N ANL): A beacon of luxury and stellar performance, the AIRBUS H125 seamlessly integrates opulence with the demanding terrains of Nepal, ensuring that passengers are not only transported to their destinations but are also immersed in an unparalleled aerial spectacle.

    Here are the other options for the Everest Helicopter Tour.

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