Mr. Surendra Banjara

Head of Oceania

Surendra Banjara

Mr. Surendra Banjara is involved with Luxury Holiday Nepal as the representative in Oceania. He is one of our team's diligent young men. He worked in the tourism industry because he enjoyed exploring new places and learning about new things. For the past four years, he has been actively involved with us. Mr. Banjara loved to share Nepal's distinctive culture and customs with the rest of the world and enjoyed exposing other people to our nation. He has played a significant role in the business and contributed to our excellent growth. Everyone appears to adore Mr. Surendra for his personable approach to working with a variety of clients in a very endearing way.

Personally, We find Mr. Banjara to be a very responsible and enthusiastic individual. Most of the time, his passion for his work and commitment to it leave us speechless. While Surendra, the initial LHN representative, has consistently demonstrated development in his work, we genuinely value having him on our team.

In addition to all of this, he is a hilarious, carefree, and entertaining travel companion.