Mr. Shobhaas Simkhada

Head of America

Shobhaas Simkhada

Mr. Shobhass Simkhada is the representative of Luxury Holidays Nepal as Head of America, resides in the country at the moment, and carries out the tasks and responsibilities assigned to him. He has the legal right to carry out commercial operations, organize customer-company communications, and notify clients, customers, and business partners, among other similar activities within the United States.

Mr. Simkhada is a very experienced and knowledgeable worker. Additionally, he enjoys traveling personally, which led him to a career in the travel and tourism sector. He is excellent at communicating with a variety of visitors, and many customers put their trust in us because of his affable, sincere, and upbeat demeanor.

Additionally, He is humble and kind in nature and loves to share Nepali culture and customs with the world.