Mr. Resham Rijal

City Tour Guide

Resham Rijal

Born amidst the enchanting landscapes of Dhading, Nepal, Resham Rijal's life story is one that marries a deep understanding of human societies with an undying passion for travel. His blend of academic insight and on-ground experience makes him a treasured gem in the vast terrain of Nepali travel guides.

Serving as a City Tour Guide for Luxury Holidays Nepal, Resham has a knack for painting vivid pictures of urban landscapes with his words. His tours aren't mere sightseeing journeys but deep dives into the historical, cultural, and social fabric of the cities. He has an expansive knowledge of the cities of Nepal, unraveling their mysteries for eager travelers and curious minds alike.

Pursuing a Master's degree in Sociology from the esteemed Tribhuwan University, Resham's academic endeavors offer him a unique lens. It's through this sociological perspective that he deciphers the intricate webs of human interactions, traditions, and cultures, making every city tour an enlightening experience.

Apart from guiding city explorers, Resham is a dedicated Travel Researcher. His studies and field experiences combine to provide Luxury Holidays Nepal with invaluable insights into travel trends, preferences, and untapped destinations.

In Resham Rijal, travelers don't just find a guide; they find a storyteller, a sociologist, and an explorer who knows the heartbeat of Nepal's cities like none other.