Mr. Resham K Shrestha

Co-founder and Director

Resham K Shrestha

Mr. Resham K Shrestha, a dynamic young individual hailing from Gorkha, Nepal, now residing in Raniban, Kathmandu, is the co-founder and director of Luxury Holiday Nepal. Distinguished by his stellar academic performance, Mr. Shrestha completed his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering with high honors. Following this accomplishment, he pursued and obtained his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Unconventionally, rather than seeking career opportunities abroad like many of his peers, Mr. Shrestha made a conscious choice to contribute to his homeland, Nepal.

Guided by his belief that everyone should strive to improve their local community and thereby enhance the world at large, Mr. Shrestha aligned himself with a team that shared his vision. Together, they sought to establish a professional trekking agency marked by its unwavering commitment to quality service and a strict policy of zero compromises.

With an acute sense of urgency and dedication, Mr. Shrestha quickly mobilized resources and efforts to bring the agency to life. His exceptional work style, complemented by the cooperation from all involved parties, played a significant role in successfully launching a professional trekking agency. This agency now stands as a testament to its commitment, to providing top-tier services to travelers across the globe.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Mr. Resham distinguishes himself through his personable, helpful, and professional demeanor. He approaches all his projects with the utmost professionalism, earning him the respect and appreciation of his colleagues and clients alike. His unique blend of technical expertise, leadership qualities, and personable traits make him an invaluable asset to Luxury Holiday Nepal and the broader community.