Mr. Ramhari Timsina

Tour Guide

Ramhari Timsina

Mr. Ramhari Timsina is a humble and kind person who began his journey in the tourism industry in 2006. He got involved with Luxury Holiday Nepal as a tour guide in 2011 and since then, he has led several tours such as day tours, cultural and heritage tours as well as wildlife and jungle safari tours in Nepal. Ramhari is very passionate about different kinds of tours in Nepal and has a rich understanding of the places that he visits with his guests. Throughout his tours, he always had a penchant for telling visitors the stories of the different cities, their histories, values, and importance. 

Mr. Ramhari is very knowledgeable about interesting information and trivia, and he also excels at revealing Nepal's secrets to visitors and fostering a sense of familiarity and connection with the nation. In addition to having outstanding and innovative communication abilities, Timsina is also able to conduct an in-depth study on the locations to which he must take his clients and compile the necessary data beforehand. 

His aim is to provide his guests with a pleasant guided tour that is culturally enlightening, ensuring that they have wonderful memories of Nepal for the rest of their lives. He is really proud to introduce and share knowledge about Nepalese culture, religion, and historical sites.

Moreover, he keeps entertaining guests with his good sense of humor.