Mr. Rajendra Karki

Manager - Sales & Business Development

Rajendra Karki

Mr. Rajendra Karki is one of the most trustworthy employees on the LHN Team. He has been working in the tourism sector for the past 7-8 years and has been involved with Luxury Holiday Nepal since 2016 which is still going on with us. Mr. Karki handles the position of Manager - Sales & Business Development and he is very expert in his part of the work. 

Mr. Rajendra is in charge of prospecting, developing very good connections with the clients, keeping large key accounts, and marketing, which includes carrying out market research to increase the size of the present and develop new markets for travel destinations and achieving the company's sales targets. Rajendra is an extremely organized individual who upholds this in both his personal and professional life. Under his guidance, all data, vital information, and records are stored safely and efficiently.

It was quite impressive to see how he managed to organize training and development programs for our clients despite a very challenging scenario.