Mr. Pranav Kunwar

Tour Guide

Pranav Kunwar

Pranav Kunwar is a pleasant individual with natural leadership ability and an experienced tour guide providing valuable services for more than four years. He has been operating tours with Luxury Holidays Nepal since 2015.  He loves to explore different destinations and know about new places, their culture, and uniqueness and we are sure throughout the trip, he keeps you well-informed and is accessible to answer any questions you may have. Our team and tour groups appreciate his assistance. 

Mr. Kunwar is familiar with almost all of Nepal's cities and neighborhoods thanks to his years of service in this field, as well as the most important locations in Tibet and Bhutan. Besides completing his visit to the tourist spots of these countries, he has also traveled to many different countries such as  Russia, India, Kailash, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. With his deep insights on things and humorous nature, we are sure Pranav will keep you occupied throughout the tour.

Mr. Pranav is a very active young man, friendly, warm and outgoing person. Who makes you feel comfortable like a friend during the journey.