Ms. Moona Shrestha

Representative (USA)

Moona Shrestha

Moona Shrestha is one of our trustworthy employees working as a representative of Luxury Holiday Nepal in the USA. She works as a Trekking and Tour planner for US citizens. She is living in Irving, Texas, where you can meet her to plan your holidays in Nepal. She will explain every detail about the trips, the surroundings of Nepal, and what kind of trips are perfect for you, and other small details as well.

Shrestha has spent a lot of time exploring various different destinations in Nepal and is impressed by its beauty and that’s why she wants to work in the tourism industry and show the beauty of our country to the world. Moona is a very friendly and charming person. Because of her positive personality, lots of people love to be around her and our guests always praise her and left good words for her hard work. Many of her clients have made multiple trips back to Nepal. Working with us for more than 5 years, she has proven her great planning and management abilities. 

Moreover, she is a very hard-working, fun-loving, adventurous, and kind person, who loves to travel to new places and show the beauty of Nepal to other people.