Mr. Manoj Khadka

Trekking Guide

Manoj Khadka

Mr. Manoj Khadka is one of the dependable team members in our company. Who has been with us from almost the very beginning. Khadka is one of the most skillful trekking guides in Nepal. He helps trekkers in the Annapurna region as a trekking guide. His strengths are his aptitude for leading excursions, style of briefing and instruction, familiarity with many topics, and patience. Manoj is a similarly cheerful, collected, and helpful individual who always acts better among guests. Because of his friendly and outgoing personality, every guest loved him and his company during the journey and we haven't heard any complaints regarding his work because of his ability to satisfy and make clients pleased. In order to protect the environment and ecosystem, Manoj also encourages ethical and sustainable tourism.

Mr. Khadka obtains a permit from the Tourism Department and begins working as a trekking guide but before this, he started his journey as a porter in the industry. After working as a porter for a while and with hard work, he quickly rose to the position of a successful guide with extensive expertise holding several positions in the tourism industry.

Mr. Manoj was hired by Luxury Holidays Nepal as a trekking guide due to his commitment to a passion for the job, his knowledge of the routes and the locations, his abilities and ideas for handling problems and trouble, and his good command of the English language.