Mr. Kushal Baniya

General and Operation Manager

Kushal Baniya

Mr. Kushal Baniya harbors a deep passion for travel, which naturally drew him to the tourism sector. Embarking on his professional journey in 2018, he became an integral part of Luxury Holidays Nepal, where he proudly holds the title of General and Operation Manager. From the outset, Mr. Baniya's dedication and expertise have been evident, making him one of the company's most reliable pillars.

As the General and Operation Manager, he shoulders the responsibility of client communications, arranging both pre-trek and post-trek orientations, addressing any concerns, and overseeing the company's seamless operations. Most clients recognize him as the 'face of Luxury Holidays Nepal,' given his consistent involvement from the trip's planning phase right up to its conclusion.

Holding a bachelor's degree in Travel and Tourism from the esteemed Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Kathmandu, Mr. Baniya's academic credentials further enhance his professional contributions. Outside of his busy work schedule, he immerses himself in a diverse range of activities. From delving into novels, newspapers, and magazines to tuning into his favorite music tracks, he keeps himself engaged. A fervent nature enthusiast, Mr. Baniya frequently ventures out to explore new terrains and interact with diverse individuals. This innate love for travel was the catalyst behind his decision to join Luxury Holidays Nepal.

His hard work, passion, exemplary communication skills, and problem-solving abilities solidify his position as an invaluable asset to the company.