Mr. Kushal Baniya

Sales & Operation Manager

Kushal Baniya

Mr. Kushal Baniya has always loved traveling and is very interested to work in the tourism sector. He started his working journey in 2020 with Luxury Holiday Nepal. Here he holds the position of Sales & Operations Manager. He is one of the most trustworthy employees of our company and he has been working very hard since day one showing his capability in the working field. As the company’s Sales & Operation Manager, his job involves communicating with clients on the company’s behalf, meeting up with them and organizing pre-trek and post-trek orientations, solving any problems if they have any, and taking care of the operations of the company. We can say that he is the ‘face of Luxury Holidays Nepal’ as almost all of our clients are in touch with him from the planning stages of their trip to the end of their tour. 

Mr. Baniya holds a bachelor's in Travel and Tourism from the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management, Kathmandu. His educational background also helps him in his work. Besides working during his free time, he loves reading novels, newspapers, and magazines, listening to music, etc. He is also an avid nature lover. He loves traveling and getting acquainted with new people. It was his love for traveling that made him apply for a position at Luxury Holidays Nepal’. 

Moreover, He is hard-working, passionate, a great communicator, and a problem-solver, qualities which make him a treasured employee.