Mr. Krishna Khadka

Trekking Guide

Krishna Khadka

Mr.Krishna Khadka is one of the most experienced trekking guides of Luxury Holidays Nepal. He has been guiding trekkers all over Nepal since,15 years and from the past two years, khadka has been involved with us and active as our main guide. He offers the highest level of professionalism in his service, which enables him to conduct trekking groups with great consideration for their security. He undoubtedly also has a High Altitude First Aid Certificate and is licensed by the Nepalese Ministry of Tourism.

Starting out as a porter, Krishna has worked his way up and is now one of the most respected trekking guides within LHN. He maintains a strong focus on our travelers’ satisfaction. During the journey, Khadka always cares about his guests and makes sure to provide the best of the best with all his availability. We have no hesitation in saying he can provide good guidance every moment throughout your entire travel experience in Nepal.

Mr. Khadka is a very friendly, kind, and knowledgeable person, and very fun to explore the Himalayan area of Nepal with him.