Mr. Hari Ram Itani

Airport Representative

Hari Ram Itani

Mr. Hari Ram Itani is a skilled, knowledgeable, and professional driver. He spent ten years as a driver in Dubai and fifteen years in Qatar before joining the Luxury Holidays Nepal team. He has been with us since the very start of the company. The Nepalese Department of Transportation has granted Mr. Hari Ram a license. Along with having excellent driving skills, he also has a helpful and friendly demeanor. He is a friendly and open-minded person, who doesn't hesitate to speak with visitors or our guests.

When you come out of the international terminal, Mr. Hari Ram is waiting for you outside the gate holding a booklet from Luxury Holidays Nepal that includes your name as a welcome and greeting. He will provide you with a comfortable trip to the hotel. As soon as the journey is over, he will also drop you off at the airport. Mr. Itani also drives us around on our tour. When a visitor requests luxury transportation, we offer this service with skilled chauffeurs like Mr. Hari Ram Itani. There is no reason to question his abilities or effectiveness. He puts in a lot of effort. He is bilingual in Arabic and English.

He does his work with full punctuality in a safe and efficient manner.