Mr. Bishal Ghale

Head of Europe

Bishal Ghale

Mr. Bishal Ghale was born and raised in the brave mountainous land of Gorkha.  Mr. Ghale is the representative of Luxury Holiday Nepal in the United Kingdom. He represents and promotes our company by meeting with various clients on the behalf of the LHN. 

Mr. Ghale is an experienced and competent manager with effective communication abilities, business dealing knowledge, and business handling proficiency. The Luxury Holiday Nepal teams have been motivated by his traits and abilities. In the process of presenting LHN's goods and services to the market and to customers/clients in Europe, Mr. Bishal has developed better policies, strategies, and plans that have effectively carried out Luxury Holiday Nepal's expansion plan.

Bishal assists the clients with their inquiries and concerns and processes their requests for travel plans to Nepal.