Mr. Abid Zargar

Director of Sales - India

Abid Zargar

Mr. Abid Zargar is the Director of our India office and the moving force behind our India operations. He is one of the very reliable team members in Luxury Holiday Nepal, who put a lot of effort into the growth of the company and maintaining a healthy relationship between the company and its clients. 

Mr. Zargar being a seasoned professional in the field of travel and tourism, he brings over first-hand experience and knowledge of various popular as well as offbeat destinations in India. Being an avid traveler at a young age, he has gained comprehensive knowledge of not just India but also of neighboring destinations like Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. He also has a good awareness of the requirements of the discerning visitor.

Abid is a firm believer in impeccable service with an eye for perfection and a systematic approach that ensures the smooth functioning of overall operations.