Landing places during Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Nepal offers some breathtaking helicopter tours that allow you to explore the country's natural beauty and experience its majestic landscapes from a unique perspective. Here are some popular landing places during helicopter tours in Nepal:

Everest Base Camp (EBC): Fly alongside the Himalayas and land at Everest Base Camp, located 5,364 meters above sea level. This is a popular stop for trekkers and mountaineers on their way to summit the world's highest peak.

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC): Another popular destination, Annapurna Base Camp, sits at 4,130 meters above sea level. Landing here offers incredible panoramic views of the Annapurna range and an opportunity to witness the spectacular Annapurna Sanctuary.

Langtang Valley: Land at Kyanjin Gompa in the beautiful Langtang Valley. Surrounded by towering peaks, the valley is home to diverse flora and fauna, as well as ancient monasteries and cultural sites.

Muktinath Temple: This sacred temple is located at an altitude of 3,710 meters in the Mustang District. Muktinath is an important pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists, and landing here provides a chance to explore the temple and its surrounding areas.

Gosaikunda Lake: This high-altitude freshwater lake is located at 4,380 meters and is considered sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists. The land is here to explore the pristine lake and enjoy the serene, picturesque surroundings.

Rara Lake: As Nepal's largest and deepest freshwater lake, Rara Lake is a must-visit destination in the remote western region of Nepal. Enjoy stunning views of the lake and surrounding landscapes, as well as glimpses of diverse wildlife.

Pokhara: This lakeside city is a popular destination for tourists, offering a more relaxed atmosphere compared to bustling Kathmandu. Land in Pokhara to explore its numerous attractions, such as Phewa Lake, the World Peace Pagoda, and the International Mountain Museum.

Chitwan National Park: Land near Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to explore the diverse wildlife and ecosystem, which includes the Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, and various bird species.

Please note that some of these landing places might require special permits and clearances. Make sure to book your helicopter tour through a reputable company that will handle all necessary arrangements.

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Cost of Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Everest Helicopter tour cost varies with locations, number of pax and duration.

Helicopter Tours in Nepal




Private Prices

Sharing Basis

Everest Base Camp and Kala Pathhar Helicopter Landing Tour

4-5 hrs.

1-3 pax



$ 900 - $ 1100 Per Person

Everest Base Camp and Kala Pathhar Helicopter Landing Tour

4-5 hrs.

5 pax



$ 800 - $1100 Per Person

Gokyo Helicopter Tour

4-5 hrs.

1-4 pax



$ 800 - $1100 Per Person

Gokyo and Everest Helicopter Tour

5-6 hrs.

1-4 pax



$ 1100 - $ 1400 Per Person

Langtang Helicopter Tour

2-3 hrs

1-5 pax


$ 2000

$ 500 - $ 800 Per Person

Annapurna Helicopter Tour From Kathmandu

3-4 Hours

1-5 Pax

Kathmandu-Annapurna Base Camp-Pokhara-Kathmandu


$ 800 - $1100 Per Person

Annapurna Helicopter Tour From Pokhara

1.5 Hours

1-5 Pax

Pokhara-Annapurna Base Camp-Pokhara


$ 300 - $500 Per Person

Everest Heli Tour and Gokyo - Everest Base Camp Heli Tour are popular helicopter tours in the Everest Region.

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