Insurance for Climbing & Expedition

If you are planning a climbing or expedition trip to Nepal, it is highly recommended to have proper insurance coverage to protect yourself in case of any emergencies or accidents. Here is some information about insurance for climbing and expedition in Nepal:

Coverage: Your insurance should cover emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, medical expenses, personal liability, accidental death and dismemberment, and trip cancellation/interruption. Make sure to read the policy carefully and understand what is covered and what is not.

High Altitude Coverage: If you are climbing above 6,000 meters, make sure your insurance policy includes high altitude coverage. Not all policies cover this, so check with your insurance provider.

Policy Limit: Make sure your policy limit is sufficient to cover all potential costs, including emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, which can be expensive in Nepal.

Adventure Sports Coverage: Many standard travel insurance policies do not cover adventure sports like climbing, so make sure your policy specifically includes coverage for the activities you will be doing.

Emergency Contact: Make sure you have a way to contact your insurance company in case of an emergency. Keep their contact information with you at all times during your expedition.

Documentation: Make sure you have all necessary documentation, including your insurance policy, with you during your expedition.

Validity: Ensure that your insurance policy is valid for the duration of your trip.

Assistance Service: Some insurance companies also offer assistance services that can help with emergency situations, including arranging medical transportation and providing translation services.

Make sure to do your research and shop around for insurance policies to find the one that best fits your needs. It is always better to be prepared and protected before embarking on a climbing or expedition trip in Nepal.