Group Size during the Tour

The group size during a Nepal tour can vary depending on the tour package and the tour company. Some tours may have a smaller group size of around 4-6 people, while others may have larger group sizes of up to 20 people or more.

For trekking tours in Nepal, the group size is usually smaller to allow for a more personalized and intimate experience. Trekking groups typically range from 2-12 people, with an average of around 6-8 people.

For cultural tours and sightseeing tours in Nepal, the group size can be larger since these tours usually involve more time spent in vehicles and visiting various sites. The group size for these types of tours can range from 10-20 people.

Luxury Holidays don’t require a minimum and maximum size of group for any Tour. If travelers like to travel with friends, families, and colleagues are welcome to choose any tour package at your convenient time frame. We will be happy to organize a small group of like-minded people to give them an unforgettable experience and opportunity to interact with each other in a fun-filled environment.