Group Leader during the Trek

Luxury Holidays Nepal will facilitate you with the trained travelling guide in your group. There will be a single porter for a couple of people. 
The most significant thing that makes this trek enjoyable and memorable is the skilled, experienced, courteous and helpful leader(s) and crew members. Our trip will be led by only the best and most professional leaders. All Luxury Holidays leaders are carefully selected on the basis of their appropriate experience, leadership skills and personal aptitude. With the objective of sustaining local communities, Luxury Holidays only employ local staffs who have adequate knowledge about the culture, ecosystem, flora, fauna, geography, and history of their local regions.

The trek and expedition leaders have undergone the following training:
➺Intensive Wilderness First Aid
➺Trekking Guide Training
➺Eco Trekking Workshop and Adventure Meet
➺English Language
➺Conservation and Biodiversity
➺Rock climbing, Ice Climbing and Mountaineering (for expedition leaders)

To meet the Luxury Holidays team, check out the Guide Profile Page

Porter Care

Though often overlooked, it's no exaggeration to say the entire trekking and expedition industry in Nepal is built on the back of hard-working local porters. It is their tireless efforts carrying supplies, equipment and baggage that make journeying to these remote areas possible. Therefore, we are firmly committed to porter's rights. We make sure that all our porters are well treated and well paid and we provide the level of shelter, clothing and footwear that these harsh environments demand. Porters who become sick are treated with the same care and attention as other team members and we have previously used helicopters - at our expense - to rescue porters from dangerous situations. We support the work of the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG), making our resources available to them to help improve the working conditions of the porters.